Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Navigation Into The Past - Part 2

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The dream gates of IIT opened to fiery scenes straightaway. Though Rohit cleared his board exams with what he had targeted, the road ahead looked steep. The dream gates needed extra effort to make it. Rohit did not gave up, he allayed all his mental fears, and challenged himself to reach the apex. The love kept rolling him around, it was almost as if it wanted him to do well.
Day one at school in class XI, & the fully packed class seemed empty to him. When Rohit headed back home, restlessness had crept into him. It felt as if he was missing everything he had. The impact of his deep seated crush for his dream girl Meher.

"Meher", he said & tears started rolling down his cheeks.

It was the day where all his deep seated emotions flushed out, and soon Rohit realized, he needed to communicate. He feared his relation with his best friend Harsh getting rusted but the command came straight from his heart, there seemed none denying it.

Rohit, who had been dumb all through the years when he had Meher at a wink, was in a mood to spell out each & every feeling that he nurtured deep inside. With no clue of Meher's contacts whereabouts, Rohit called up at Meher's local residence number, which he had extracted from Harsh somehow. In a rush of adrenaline, he kept dialling those digits for which he could hear a dead tone repeating "This number is temporarily out of service".

The urge had just begun, & it had held his breath. With no sight of contact possible, the filmy mood gripped him and Rohit was all set in the character of Veer to bring back his Zara. And it happened the classical way, Rohit wrote 11 complete pages of his feelings on a piece of paper & with no idea of Meher's whereabouts, he posted the letter to the institute's address without any fear of going into wrong hands. He had become bold in his way.

Once the letter got posted, Rohit seemed to have gained some peace. Though it was not even sure whether Meher would receive it or not, but it felt as if the whole truth was delivered. Few days later, Harsh called up to inform that his story was over. Meher had fallen in again with some guy at the institute, Harsh sounded dumped and badly used. In the pain of losing his girl, Harsh had fallen into a smog. Rohit was at an even bigger slump, he felt as if the whole world had come falling down on him. While Harsh struggled to normalise his life, Rohit somehow held himself strong against all walls that kept falling on him each day. The vectors, the magnets and ions had got a bit boring for him but there still resided sheer determination in the lass to succeed. The reels as always kept rolling, all through the journey of those two years in XI & XII, there was hardly any desk in the class on which the name Meher was not scribbled. It was still a commendable effort by Rohit, who was recovering out of it all and recovering in studies as well.

The next part follows!!

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