Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Navigation Into The Past -Part 1

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They departed at school, for all the love that the boy had for her, was exchanged with a simple smile from the girl when they last saw themselves at the board examination centre. Rohit, a tall heavy boy had feelings for Meher, a beautiful girl at school in Ranchi. The story had unknowingly pressed its button back to  school when Rohit disclosed the reality to a question asked by his friend. Belonging to the ages where SRK's peppy movies provided tips to him to know how you fall in the world's most infectious abyss "LOVE".

"If it had to be one girl with whom you had to spend your life, then who would she be?" Asked Rohit's close buddy Anand.

In the era where there was no Kareena, no Katrina, no onscreen smooches, no munnis, Rohit had his crush for Meher, a new girl who had joined in at school along-with Rohit.

"Meher", he replied and closed his eyes ambling in the world of dreams encasing Meher.

The days kept on rolling, the months kept shuffling, Rohit's crush for Meher buzzed around. Rohit, a mediocre student, couldn't hold his feet to the ground and his grades started falling as he fell for her. The blue eyed boy imagining himself to be a real life SRK's character had lost his tranquility in the chimes of love. For all the melodrama romance Rohit was falling into, this story had no action, all it had, was reviews and previews of the story ahead by Rohit himself. Though Meher, an intelligent student in class hardly had put on any interesting setup for Rohit, still, the lass was on cloud 9 whose dreams were not supposed to fail. Somehow with the help of his best friend's sincere advise, Rohit checked himself a year before the board  exams. Though, he dint surrendered his love for Meher, he realized the importance of his world around where his parents were working day and night for his future. His brother Rohan, 2 years younger to him wasn't aware of his story. Time moved on, Rohit progressed by leaps and bounds in studies. 

While Rohit kept progressing, Meher dropped out a little after she fell for Rohit's best friend Harsh. The scene looked terrible, rather unbelievable to Rohit. Stressed and lost, Rohit moved ahead but his love had not surrendered. He was stuck in between his love and his best friend's story. The reels kept rolling, and today, Rohit walked back home after his last board examination with tears brimming under the corners of his eyes because of the ignorance by the girl whom he loved. The boy had turned mature enough to digest everything and accept all that took place. He was heart broken but couldn't give up his feelings for Meher.

Much changed, Meher moved to Kota for IIT preparations, Harsh moved to Pune for pursuing his studies. Rohit remained at Ranchi pursuing +2 in the same school with dreams of reaching the gates of IIT. The L-O-V-E was still there, and had not given up on Meher. Dumb introvert Rohit moved on with hopes of meeting his dream girl somehow again in future.

It was an end to a Love that remained unheard. The major part of it still remains.

The next part follows!!

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