Thursday, February 4, 2016

Mr. Fantastico & Me: Uncommon in Common


I am a person with no lingering habits except for Music…I can listen songs at any hour of the day, I just need “Me” time to listen or like-minded group to listen. In the scenario of nuclear family, you won’t get anyone easily, it’s okay with me. I can live at any place with few of my much needed things and it compulsorily should include a set of music, books of my choice and pen-paper. It’s too many things for a company and I can live at a stretch with these inexpensive possessions. Here, I specifically mention inexpensive because I don’t go chasing brands for each and everything. Yes, I was choosy in selecting a brand for music set. Thanks to the web of technology that has taken entry in each and every role and one system (Desktop or Laptop, any) will suffice my requirements to stay at any place, it has all my requirements embedded in One, Music, E-books, MS Office. If I am at my place, I keep a system exclusive for my affair with Music, Books in Covers spread near me, (E-books only for emergency use Where I can’t carry or when only e-books are available  and I don’t have choice) and I certainly need pen & paper to scribble ideas, final touch I give in MS Office. 

I am a tea-lover, indeed piping hot water with tea-leaves in Lassi glass, no milk- no sugar, I can’t manage in tea-cups, for that you can call me “Dehati” or a rustic…I am not ashamed to be termed as for the tea…but I am not a slave of it…I can go with it or without it. I am a master of my own, no one can rule my mind…not even my kids and they reign in my heart....Oossshhh…I conveyed a lot about me.

And my life partner, Mr.Varma is just the opposite of me, Opposite Sex with Opposite Habits…God has been quite caring to me in this perspective and blessed me profusely by getting me married with Mr.Right.

You all might be confused what I am saying, what are my intentions today…Hahaha. My Man…opposite yet Mr.Right & Fantastico. I don’t have any ready options at this stage of life….no choice after spending twenty-eight springs with this Man…don’t think, I am too old in years…No, still young at heart and I dance on the peppy numbers….and for me, Age is just a number…but “Old Habits Die Hard” and I have got used to this Man Fantastico.

Aww...I am caught in my own words, isn’t it? I can’t take myself off easily from relationships of any kind…once accepted, I am always there for all with whom I share strings of my heart…don’t get mistaken…family, friends, neighbours, well-wishers...for me all comes under the net of relationships.

When I was married to Mr.Right, I counted the things in common and after spending nearing three decades, I have managed to find out the uncommon things and found that we were more of Opposite Stuff then been of same components.

We both are lovers or admirers of non-vegetarian foods…but he loves Masala Curries & I prefer roasted or less masala flavoured.

We both love to stand to help people, be it close relatives, friends, social circles or unknown, but we vary, style of indulgence is different, sometimes he will be over-indulgent in terms of money and at times spendthrift, but I am balanced always, spend when required, I have or haven’t doesn’t matters much in case of requirement.

We both prefer to wear clean and ironed clothes…again, we are at loggerheads…When he gets new sets of clothing, and he will discard the old ones…my new additions is an addon in my wardrobe…result is bumper…I have two three wardrobes stacked full of clothes and he has one shelf of clothes. Here, I would like to mention that the discarded ones are not worn out, he is in practice of leaving the used in the face of new ones. I feel fortunate that I am in his list…I think he has not got a new one…else he might have contemplated for a change....I pray that he don't get one.

These were the things which I counted as Common in the beginning years of married life….gradually managed to find the loopholes in our most common the journey of 28 years plus.

Regarding habits, we are totally different and opposite.

I hate the sight of Pan Parag & Rajnigandha (Tobacco Sachets) and he adores it. He just can’t live without it for some time, till he is awake. You will find in his hand all the time...never forgets to carry along, so passionate about it. Initially, I used to pester him to leave this nasty habit and tried varied ways to distract him, but I failed in my pursuits and he is successful till today in carrying with it. I fear that someday this habit of My Man might have negative impact on his health and I do comment off and on warning him, but there isn’t any impact of my words on his habit. Finally, I gave up and surrendered and he is happy.

The adage goes perfect with him, “Way to a man's heart is through his stomach!!!”

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The subject is unending….time to close for now…will come up with more shortly.

By Ila Varma.

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