The match Ishi & Rohan was commendable. They gelled well and understood each other’s strengths and flaws.  It was an arranged marriage but the pair was peppy & flawless as if God had composed their relationship with great care. In the initial days of marriage, they consummated their desires of outings in the weekends after hectic schedule of working days. The weekends were great in each other’s company, sometime there was loud celebration with friends dancing on the tunes of peppy music and at times, the duo celebrated in silence navigating into their spaces of their likes & exploring unexplored domain of their life.

Both were energetic and took life sportingly navigating through the ups and downs of life. They had ample time for their camaraderie in two years of marriage and now they yearned for a new member, a baby to fulfil the bliss of nuptial knot.

It’s easy to have a child but with it comes the responsibility and commitments to manage and even financial security is a must in this high inflated economy, where money has lost its intrinsic value. They discussed the pros & cons of it and got mentally prepared for the challenge. They were excited about it and one fine day, they were blessed.

Doctors confirmed the pregnancy and their ecstasy knew no bounds. The news of excitement was shared with both set of parents and all were very happy for them. Many care & extra care was prescribed by the doctors and the parents shared their experiences and loads of do’s & don’t. Ishi was amazed and the word caution went as synonym for her.

Ishi and Rohan were happy with the great news but at times, they got over anxious following customary practices and at times Ishi lost control on her temperament. It was a new change in Ishi that Rohan noted, but googling in Google rescued him from been offensive. It was impact of first pregnancy, quite normal in early days of pregnancy, the attending doctor informed Rohan.

Rohan carefully handled Ishi fighting with nausea, indigestion…blah…blah…blah. At times, Rohan felt relationship slipping. He too was new to this phase. He was missing attention from his fantastico beloved. Ishi was helpless. She wanted to take care of Rohan but her pregnancy blues had gripped her tight that she found difficult manage herself.

Rohan’s mom dropped in coming to know that Ishi was not keeping well and she needed someone to take care of her. Rohan was spared from the responsibilities of household and could find time out for meeting his deadlines in profession.

Nine months passed and the couple was blessed with a beautiful healthy baby. The glimpse of baby made both of them forget the rough patches they navigated in the journey of pregnancy and the colors of radiance & contentment sailed on the faces of Ishi & Rohan. Rohan embraced Ishi in tight embrace and thanked her for her patience. At times, Rohan felt ignored but when he saw Ishi writhing & howling in pain in labour room, his grudges vanished in the air and tears trickled for the pain Ishi went through to deliver their love.

He realised and understood the ethics of world and the pain of a woman that she bears for her child and his love multiplied for Ishi. The testing time was over for the couple. Their love ricocheted inserting more faith in their relationship.

These few lines appreciate their faith in relationship.

Love-Birds Profound Faith

Resisted Turbulence of Destiny

Reversing Life’s Odds to Peppy Music

Relationship was so Deep-rooted.

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