Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Innocence & Fantasy in Bulk!

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Childhood is the best part of our life. The child is away from worries and lives in a world of dreams. In small gestures of life, a child finds happiness & joy. A story told by grandmother gives wings to his dream and a sweet lullaby is enough to put him to sleep. The priceless things are the precious moments of one’s life.

Our childhood days were more precious. We were born in the era where world of television and internet was not even heard of. We grew in the lap of nature relishing the delicacies of nature in abundance.

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I was proactive and enjoyed racing in open fields under the sun without fear of getting tanned, flying colourful kites in the open sky and a dream raced my heart to touch the sun or the evening bright star, making paper boats out of newspapers and watching them float in the rain waters. Making paper planes and flying high in the sky and nurtured a wish that my father would fly back from his tour on my paper plane…just can’t believe that so innocent I was, which will be coined as “Buddhu” in today’s smart world…Aww.

In these small gestures, huge dreams were hidden underneath. In those days, a kid was truly a kid, full of innocence and their minds navigated in the world of fantasy.

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While flying a kite in open bright sky of winters, a secret wish lurked deep inside to touch the sky and I used put in my best to reach near my dreams. Nowadays kids do indulge in flying kites but the innocent dream of touching the sky is missing from their minds, the reason they are very smart and they are well aware of the fact. But in our days, we were ignorant and innocent and our early days of peppy childhood navigated in the world of dreams.

But I think our childhood days were the best, the ignorance soared our imaginations high to great heights and our mind sought to achieve and the tiny flakes of achievement generated loads of happiness which is missing from today’s kid’s mind.

They know that their kites cannot touch the sky, but I, as a child banked on the belief that someday my kite would reach the sky and as colourful kites soared high in the sky, dreams multiplied and I jumped in joy and the joy derived knew no bounds.

Our mind was a blank canvas and the small joys of life painted its colours on it and the life was joyous.
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We believed in the characters of grandmother’s stories of fairies and angels, dragons & devils, owls and bats and eagerly waited for the arrival of fairies & angels to fulfil our dreams and were afraid of dragons & devils and we tried to evade from indulging in something wrong for the fear of their arrival. The impact of story characters were great on our minds.

Children of today cannot be pushed into the realms of fantasy, they are aware of the facts, the impact of tech world.

If today, these peppy things are mentioned to kids of today, they would laugh out loud making fun of us because they are living in the world of facts and we lived in a world of fantasy.

We had games amidst nature for every season and we relished the flavour of all. The games that we indulged in too did not cost a penny, except for few pence sometime for buying kites or rubber balls to play.

Paper, dough or mud to make figures, stones to play, sand to make houses were in abundance and we enjoyed playing with nature.

Indeed, life as a child was very peppy and joyful and the precious moments are still with me and when I navigate down the memory lanes, a beautiful smile purses on my lips and I feel, I am going crazy of now.

Can I be blessed with the same ignorance and innocence now?  

People born before ’80 can feel the feeling that I portrayed above and experience the bliss of innocence and fantasy that were in bulk in our childhood days.

Do share in your comments if you agree.

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  1. Childhood is undoubtedly the most beautiful phase of a human's life. Nice post, Ila! :)