“A Tongue has no bones but it is strong enough to break a heart. Be careful with your words!”

It’s true to its context, a sharp tongue hurts more than a slap. Slap is a physical injury and the bruises heals fast but the bruises on heart remains with us forever and the words of near and dear ones hurt more….slap is a term used for explanation, don’t try your skills…;)

See the impact of technology, people are connected most of the time and the negative emotions too finds its place to navigate fast and it’s aired on Facebook, whats app, mail or mobile. The emotional outbursts built up in past times too but in the absence of these connections, many times it wasn’t conveyed on the spark of the moment and it subsided with time.

Just utter few words of anguish to someone and see the impact for yourself, whole day you are bound to face the music of it…check the number of mails, calls, and pings throughout the day.

You will be amazed at the end of the day if you take it with humour or will sink into pain if you got involved with your heart.

In today’s fast paced Life…all move fast…

In the age of letters, I do remember that when we got angry, we coloured pages with our emotions but rarely, it was posted or handed over. Normally after writing down, the outbursts and the urge to speak out subsided and the pages were torn down and flushed in drains.

Now…it’s mailed on the momentum…dialled and honked out…ping…written on the walls of Facebook and all people connected are informed of the turmoil’s churning within.

In times of emotional outburst, I used my pens to write down and now I type into the keyboard and post on my blog to attract more audiences and traffic.

Read my take in the moments of anxiety that I wrote when someone close to me inflicted their emotions on me wagging his tongue and forgot to understand that it broke me, scattering me into pieces.

Hey, Mind your words

Really…it hurts to see the people with good educational background don’t have control on their tongue…they don’t even care what they are saying in bad temper…are we getting educated to just amass certificates &medals to showcase in our cupboards & a bank balance to enjoy the comforts of life…when they lose their temper, they don’t care what they are saying & listening to them at that moment, you can’t differentiate between an educated & a rustic…

It is said that the words that are said can’t be taken back…so why not think before speaking else if you can’t think then at least be silent instead of hurting the one who is just requesting & who can’t dare to think bad of or for you and wishes best for you…

It is just disgusting to hear such words or threatening which can’t be imagined from a friend or a well-wisher …is it the refund of one’s affection & faith….Think about it…you might not be able to think positive now but it’s better to take few moments out from one’s busy schedule & ponder….

Feelings differ from person to person in any relationship….feelings can’t be measured on weighing scale…even way of responding differs…but at least we can respect one’s feelings & be soft instead of being hyper…even if one hurts till the person is in the good books of the beholder….one stands all the conflicts and just offer to be cool & good in responding.

# Why not we check our habits and bring in a change in ourselves & bring peace & happiness in lives of all…nice soothing words with a smiling lips doesn’t cost much but certainly brings in radical changes in the lives of all you touch…THINK OF THE IMPACT OF YOUR WORDS !!!

 Check your words or indulge into writing your outbursts. It will heal you and you won’t hurt others.

Win-win situations on both sides, isn’t it?

I support the sayings of Lord Buddha, He said,

“If you throw hot coals on someone then you are bound to burn your hands first”

Perfect, Absolute Truth!!!

It’s My Take, Do Share Yours.

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