Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Impact of Looks

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Whenever I saw a heroine dancing to the peppy tunes of music and the way she carried herself in dancing, I was thrilled by their movements and body contours. This I am talking about when I was a small kid and the world of television had not navigated in our lives. Rarely did we watch movies that too under the strict guidance of close family members. One or two movie in a year was more than sufficient for the children. I was fascinated by the swaying body movements of the dancing actresses and been an ardent music lover secretly aspired to learn dance in future.

When I was in late teens, I discovered that there were choreographers who taught dancing to the actors and actresses. I had an image of a beautiful face and lean body of the choreographer. When I first saw Saroj Khan, a renowned choreographer of Film Industry in one of the exclusive interviews aired on Television channel, I was shocked to see her, a huge figure persona & I couldn’t imagine how she teach dance to her students with a heavy figure.

The image that I retained in my mind of the choreographer, Saroj Khan did not match from any angle and I was highly disappointed. The impression that I retained of her was based on the looks or appearance of the heroines and I thought her to be of impressive looks. The hell broke loose after spotting her on the TV shows but gradually her personality and her dancing skills changed my outlook about her and I discovered great skills of dancing in her; her smiling face & her ringing laughter echoed in my ears and I was amazed by her dimensions. Soon, I started following her and I changed my opinion about her.

It was my innocent mind who couldn’t decipher beyond looks but with the passage of time, I learnt that the looks can be deceptive at times and we need to have an eye to see through.

Don’t judge a person by their appearance or a book by its cover. Sometimes, book cover is too eye catchy but the material in it is dumb. Same ways, a book with a simple cover can be more impressive than the imagination soars.

People have a habit of generalizing people on the criteria of looks.

In marriage cases, where there is a question of whole life, people fix alliances bases on the appearance of bride & groom.
A simple girl with a good heart is ignored and a beautiful face with a selfish persona are shortlisted for the alliance.
It is not always the case that beautiful people have ugly heart or a simple face has a beautiful inside.
Don’t form opinions on the appearances rather explore potentials of a person?

It’s true “Looks can be deceptive, don’t conceive preconceived notions about people.”

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