Saturday, February 20, 2016

Impact of Games in Life

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In our childhood days, there were numerous indoor and outdoor games that we used to play...and in those games, we only needed bunch of kids, that’s all. The games were priceless and precious and it used to be a total physical and mental workout. The best stress booster for our mind and body, and the kids had a good sleep at nights. In our times, we never chased our mothers till late night as the kids of today do.

Shsssshhh…One more secret, I would like to share. In our time, we slept with our parents, still parents had a peaceful time for themselves…unlike today’s parents who has to coax their kids to sleep to have their “Me” time, I hope you all must have read between the lines. I am getting naughty. Ohh…bad habit…hahahaha.

The games notable of our times are almost extinct now. The people of 80’s, be ready to dwell into the past and refresh old memories and I am sure, you will love to unravel the thoughts of the games played in our golden days.

The peppy games of our times, 80’s and 90’s were         

  • Hide & Seek, which we played in our orchards or fields and bungalows, there used to be ample spaces for hideouts and it was great fun to play and even elders of the family got involved in playing. 
  • Ringa Ringa Roses too was a famous game among small children, a team game played while singing the Ringa Ringa song, generally girls played. 
  • Blind Man's Bluff: We used to play this game and it used to be a great fun teasing the blindfolded and it was apt for playing in spacious spaces. 
  • Musical Chair Game.

The common indoor games that we indulged in hot afternoon’s of summers. It used to be a great fun and we played with our siblings, cousins and the elder members of the family too played with us. I hope still people of 80’s remember them though in fast paced world, no more it is been played rather few games are now played in virtual game rooms.

·         Ludo; Chinese Checker; Raja, Chor and Sipahi; Criss-cross; Clapping Games; Scrabble.

Times changed, family disintegrated and these and many more games too underwent changes or more of them is extinct now. In our times, the games that we played required number of heads to play and a big space to sprawl. The number in families shrank to four and more walls were built in open spaces, so the games Hide & Seek, Blind Man Bluff etc. gradually was outdated and new games stepped in the world of technology, like Video games, computer games and games played in virtual rooms and there was no need of a friends group, people started playing all alone in leisure times and got addicted to it.

The impact that set in was interaction among family members and friends went to minimal and people started avoiding and interacting with people. The kids too became introvert and irritant. The major drawback I find in kids of today are they have become more self-centered and the fear of losing makes them uncomfortable and impatient.

The children of today are more intelligent, I must say but they have lost precious little things. They can’t accept failures or resentment, they don’t wish to share things and they get upset easily. They don’t exchange their feelings, it gets bottled up within.
Many will ask, how I am saying this...friends, this is my judgment that I have concluded comparing the kids of our time and the kids of today.

In our days, we lived in joint family and there used to be guardianship at all levels, rigidity differed from person to person but we stayed in close vigil. Other than parents, other elders of the family had right to scold us, spank us or stop us from doing wrong. Nowadays, parents are the only guardian of a child and they are so busy that they cannot monitor the kids at all time, further the rules of spanking changed to scolding that too a mild one. Punishment disappeared from scene and the kids are free to exert their power in indulging in wrongs…or I feel they are too young to judge right and wrong and there is no one to tell them to differentiate between right and wrong.

The games that we played in groups too had some positive impact on our behaviour, through games, we tasted the fruits of winning and failure and it gave us an impetus to yearn for success. We too felt bad on our failures but we never carried a fear to lose rather we enjoyed and celebrated our failures. Nowadays, interaction on the playground is negligible and the kids of today can’t accept failures easily and that is also one of the reason of rising suicide cases and depression because they don’t know to accept failures and one jolt in life leaves them devastated and they lose hope.

In our times, playground was also a place to express our feelings and we shared the good and the bad things in groups and laughed out loud so there was no bottling up of feelings and no ill feelings stayed inside. It boosted our energy and intensified our spirits and made us peppy in approach. We knew the fervor to celebrate.

I feel people should encourage their children to mingle with their friends and use their peppy energy in a positive way to keep them happy and healthy. Instead of running to gym, if we run towards play field, the cases of depression, suicide will go low and people will feel more happy and energetic and light at heart.

I feel my readers will agree with my view.


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  2. The most awesome game of childhood with lots of memories and pleasure .Reading this reminds all the fun points and factors of childhood .