Saturday, February 13, 2016

Impact of Break Up - My Affairs with Words

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“There's no such thing as complete when it comes to stories. Stories are infinite. They are as infinite as worlds.” ― Kelly Barnhill

My peppy affairs with my words. My feelings expressed in ink and I love to play with words. Pain of losing love...moving out of love for the sake of love.

Read two poems of mine which speaks of the anguish the lover feels for her Valentine...emotions expressed of separation in love.

Poem I

I dint knew when my heart rippled
For you
To make you mine forever
And before I could brood of anything else,
The first thing I visualized
I nurtured a deep crush
For you
My Fantastico.

My request to walk
Hand in hand
Went unheeded.
You breached my heart
Declining the appeal
Ripping apart
The Strings of my heart.

It was tough to regain back
My poise
But was fine,
Never adventured hard for a Yes,
Neither was she ever my grade,
My life faded
Listening the music of denial.

Thoughts overwhelmed my mind
Impact was on my mind
To navigate on the wrong way
To jump onto her to blame
Take out my negation.

I almost fell in that pit
Ready to emote
To expose her life
A sincere thought
Grazed my mind
Dusting off
The unwanted emotions.

Realization dawned
She was my baby
My happiness
My love.

She wasn’t the one to be charged
It was me to be damned
Who hurled abuses?
Ruckus & confusion
The words
Which wasn’t meant for her.

Life was no game
We had our aspirations
We had our dream
And in a world where we germinated 
Was non-existent for sweet feelings
But for status & successes.

I promised
To make my life
Accepting the challenges
I infused
My life
With gold
Request her
To accept my invitation
I was worth her life
With Riches & fame.

Poem II

I lay down in my dreams,
And feel you right by my side,
I open my eyes,
I feel you just passed by like a tide,
I wish I could be there,
Only with you,
In the green meadows & when the sky is blue.

You make me shudder,
When the sky goes dim,
I just can’t take it anymore,
I just miss that gleam,
You make me feel so bad,
Which I’ve never been,
It’s just for you,
That I’ve so stupid been.

I want you back like anything,
Coz I miss you around like everything,
The glitter in your eyes,
Lit up my every wound,
I know you don’t hate me,
But you pretend,
I just don’t wanna see you,
As you like to tend,
Am not so bad,
It was just a mistake,
I really dint moaned It,
Nor I was any day a fake,
I take it to be my fate,
That you're not here.

I still love you the way,
I did before,
I know there are no hopes,
But I keep navigating,
The days keep moving & I take it on,
The pain, the drugs & the shrugs,
This is all what I’ve been,
& it’s just for you,
That I have been,
I know it all,
You won’t be back again,
It’s just like that,
I never wanna love again....

You were my past,
You are my present,
You are still missed,
As I ever did then.
You are
My Fantastico.

 © Ila Varma 2016

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