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   I like food. I like
eating. And I don’t want to deprive myself of good food. 

    — Sarah Michelle

The words of Sarah holds true for maximum people. If you
take a look at your life, you will see a major chunk of time is invested in
thinking about food and the task of the homemaker is the toughest, to cook food
as per the choice of members. She has to take care of the taste of all people
in family and for the guest if they drop in or if you invite them to dinner.
Take a look at your Mom’s routine, as the day starts, she is
busy in kitchen preparing breakfast for the family, after breakfast she moves
in for lunch and the routine goes on till dinner is laid on the table.
Throughout the day she is busy with knives and forks and still any member can
prop his head that the food wasn’t up to the expectation or it missed something
or the other.
Normally in a family, four meals are cooked in a day, two
light meal which includes breakfast & supper and two full meals, lunch and
dinner, exceptions are not included in this list. If you are one of them,
please read and move away without giving explanations. Exceptions are there in
all the categories, Right. So for a homemaker, whole day she is busy with food
business, which includes kitchen material management, expertise culinary skills
to lay tables, time management to get the preparations ready on time as per the
family members routine and she has to take care that there is no repetition of veggies
in a day and the most important aspect of kitchen is support staff management. Indeed,
it is tough.
In delivering this task, she has to think only about one
thing that is food, food and food and nothing else. A person who doesn’t have
experience of it will think that one will go mad chasing kitchen, but it doesn’t
happen so. It is inbuilt in our routine and unconsciously this process goes on,
the housewife and the working women both deliver their kitchen duties sincerely
& smartly.
Way of discharging their duties varies from individual to
individual and the dishes laid on the table describe one’s expertise. One
unsalted dish or dish dressed with too much of sugar will raise the fingers of
the family members but the dishes relished won’t bring in praise, reason is
simple, people take you for granted, they are bound to get good nutritious food
and they don’t need to appreciate them and the mistakes should be pointed out so
that it is not repeated again. Smart way, isn’t it?
Good food’s direct impact
is on one’s appetite and our body moves and works on the energy derived
from food. The food acts as a fuel to our body, just like cars require petrol
to navigate on the roads. The most striking feature of this food is that when
you eat, the hunger is satiated for few hours and again the stomach churns for
the next and even the mind starts imagining the next menu of peppy foods. So boring or interesting…
There are people who eat to live but the number of this
category is very minimal, maximum live to eat, but the wonderful thing is that people
won’t accept this fact.


There is no sincere lover than the love of food. – George Bernard Shaw.

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