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The mouth-watering fantastico street snacks or foods with which
you can smack your taste buds easily at road side stalls without losing much
penny, more of a common man food. These snacks are served in restaurants too
but the street side vendor’s pulls maximum crowd doing brisk business. It’s not
that hygienic everyone is aware of but its
tastes titillates the taste buds and the crowd gathered at the stalls
speaks volumes of its fame among people and the impact on pockets is minimal within the reach of a commoner. The
details are as under. I am sure after reading, you will be tempted to
navigate in any of the stalls nearby….mouth-watering snacks and smack your
tongue around.

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 The topper
of the list is Samosa: A triangular stuff stuffed with masala flavoured mashed
potatoes deep fried in oil. You will get at every nukkad shop in the early
evenings and hot Samosa is preferred. Fantastico evening refreshment of
North India is Samosa, normally you will find frying at every corners in the
evening time. Even if you drop in at someone’s place randomly, you are sure to
be served with hot & crispy samosas & tea. Studies say that it is high
in cholesterol but who cares when it comes to the taste of the tongue.

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Panipuri or Golgappa: Panipuri or golgappa, is a
street snack. Preparation of refined wheat and semolina, shaped as round,
hollow puri, crisp fried and served with a mixture of spicy tamarind water,
chilli, chaat masala, potato, onion and chickpeas. Round the corners, you will
find numbers of road side stalls selling Panipuri and a good crowd waiting for
their turn. It is a top running item in evening snacks. Once, it was famous in
womenfolk’s but now you will find men of all groups savouring Golgappa’s. There
are stalls who sell a good lot of Panipuri two to three hours. They do a brisk

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is a mixture of potato pieces, gram or
chickpeas and tangy-salty spices, with sour home-made chutneys, curds & hot spices. There are
varieties of Chaat, the common variant, samosa chaat, papri chaat, mixed chat
etc. It is garnished awfully and is served hot and the people love eating chat
especially the young fellows. Sometimes, it is a dating ground for the perky

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 Litti Chokha
is a wholesome treat made of wheat and sattu (powdered gram) formed into balls with spices, cooked
on medium lit charcoal and then filled with ghee
and Chokha is mashed preparation of boiled potatoes and roasted round
brinjals. The taste is superb. It is one of the famous food of Bihar and has
gained popularity worldwide. This dish was not famous with road side stalls but
now with its gaining popularity, numerous stalls have come up in different
localities and the vendors make lot of money selling litti-chokha. The
preparation is cumbersome and in fast life and disintegrating families, people
don’t find time to prepare so they visit these stalls to relish the taste. 

(Litti recipe:

These refreshments are
savoured in evenings while strolling out with friends and families and often a
meeting place or dating ground for teenagers…wink wink, spicing friendship with
hot, tangy and spicy mouth-watering snacks smacking your tongue around…smack
smack. Senior citizens too are found navigating
down the street lanes during evening walk hours and hopping around the stalls to
tickle their taste buds after having served simple healthy foods at home to
control sugar level or maintain lipid profile balance…Awww…if spotted they too
turn around feigning & shielding themselves giving flimsy excuses like
teenagers caught dating…


The vendors do a brisk
business with these savouries and enjoy peppy chit chat of the crowds and it’s
a major gossip ground to discuss politics, films, peppy music and much more that you cannot think of till you are one
of the participants and peppy songs are played loudly adding life & spark
to the crowd.

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