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Title: Second Spring
Author: Sandhya Jane
Genre: Romantic Fiction
Publisher: Anisan Technologies Inc.
Format: Paperback
Pages: 288
Cover Design: 4/5
Synopsis: This is Avantika’s heartfelt journey through love and life…
As a smart, successful, thirty-eight-year-old single mother, Avantika seemingly has it all: a great career as a seasoned banking professional, respect and admiration from her peers as an able leader, fulfilment as a mother, and so many other things.
What is it, then, that drives her towards Rohan, a man six years her junior? He’s a man who ideally would not occupy much room in Avantika’s otherwise sorted mind space.
She has told herself she has no time for love. Then, why does she make the choices she makes? Is it the sameness and banality of everyday existence? Is it the emotional vacuum? A need to relive life? A feeling that life as she has truly lived and felt is passing her by?
However, as she struggles with her feelings, Avantika and Rohan part ways… only to meet again. To what end? Why does Rohan want her back… and why now?
So many questions! Very few answers!
Avantika’s journey is as spiritual as it is emotional. Can love give second chances? Join Avantika in the twists and turns of her story, through her ponderings over the mysteries and vagaries of the word “love,” the complexities of human relationships, and the reassessment of all the values she has held dear.


About The Author: With a Master degree in Information Technologies from the University of Central Missouri, Sandhya Jane has been working for over two decades in the global corporate environment in USA, India and Hong Kong that includes some of the leading investment banks in Manhattan.
She has travelled widely across the globe, giving her a unique insight to different cultures and regions. Currently, she lives in Hong Kong with her husband and six-year-old son. Sandhya also regularly writes on the subjects of technology, management, and other motivational topics for leading websites and an Indian newspaper. Second Spring is the debutant novel of the Author, Sandhya Jane.
Reviews: The title and the cover design of the book “Second Spring” work by Sandhya Jane is eye catching & fantastico. The cover design is soothing but you can’t make out what it conveys about till you indulge in reading. The two strong protagonist of the story are Avantika and Rohan and the story revolves around these two main characters and the way it has been portrayed by the author Sandhya is enchanting and it impacts the minds of the readers. It is a romantic number and quite a common story for the fiction but the way she has blended the characters is intriguing and the language is crisp and composed. The author’s writing is matured and confident and has picked up the characters very well and the narration of the story is terrific. The story stands indifferent from a normal romantic fiction because it has been written from different points of view of both the lead protagonists, it’s not an easy task but the author has justified her writing skill.

I fell in love with the peppy character of Avantika, a smart, intelligent and matured banker in her late thirties, who enjoys a top notch position in bank and she is admired by all. She manages her professional & personal life meticulously, managing her only son Aarav as a single mother. Life has not been rewarding at personal level but she has managed her emotions and navigated well in life nurturing her Peppy son, Aarav wonderfully. She is pulling well in life meeting the demands of a job and a single mother, till she meets Rohan, a man in his thirties. Rohan’s smart demeanour has great impact on Avantika’s heart and she longs for him. She finds her longing for Rohan unusual, since, she has worked long with male fraternity and never ever got distracted. Life gives her a second chance to pursue her admiration for Rohan. Her life at personal front is incomplete. She finds solace in the company of Rohan. There is a connection of hearts from both ends but they conceal their feelings developing for each other.

Rohan undermines the yearnings of Avantika but he is dreaded with the idea of Avantika been accepted by her conservative family. He refrains meetings from Avantika but it does not go a long way.

In one of the weak moments, love is confessed and at the same time he receives a call from his family about his marriage fix up. He can’t dare to go against the wishes of his family and breaches the trust of Avantika and whisks away silently.

Avantika heart breaks once again and she chooses to move out of India and the direct impact is on her triumphant career. She faces the music on professional table. She treads cautiously in life and moves towards spirituality to move away from the chasing thoughts of Rohan and to spend life in peace with her son, Aarav. The daring Avantika moves with time though her longing for Rohan never diminishes but sinks in.

Life gives them a chance to meet and this time Rohan is ready to surrender but Avantika does not give him a chance to enter in her life again. She don’t want to risk her life again though her son Aarav too wants Rohan to join in. Aarav has seen the impact of missing her love in her mother’s life.

Avantika becomes judgmental and weighs pros & cons in choosing Rohan and immaculately takes the decision to part ways with him.

She does gives her life a second chance but not with Rohan… do grab a copy & read it for yourself to trace out who is the lucky one to be her man.

The Second Spring is the debut novel of Sandhya Jane and she is promising in writing romantic fiction.
The story concludes with happy ending.
Pros: A simple romantic story pruned well with a backdrop of modern society and the strong characteristic of Avantika mesmerizes the reader.
Cons: I could not conclude any as the pros outweighs the cons.
If you wish to go for a refreshing read and how the woman of determination fares through the adversities and finally succeeds in her take.
My Ratings: 4/5

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Reviewed by Ila Varma.

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