Death borders upon our birth, and our cradle stands in the grave. – Joseph Hall

Death is the bare truth of life. Each and every life has to go through the process of it. None can evade it, Death is inevitable. Nobody admires it, rather there is a fear inside of losing oneself, and this is the basic truth of life, still none wish to go near. One chooses to bear the brunt of life but not ready to embrace death. The mere thought of death shakes man.

All life on the earth goes through this process, be it plants, animals or human…any life that breathes, the day breathing breaches…the soul leaves the body and the body is disposed. The body that is so maintained and we care is of no use once the soul moves out of the body…I have slipped in philosophy of life, a vast subject difficult for me to get through.

When I navigate down the memory lane, I find that numerous ties have been snapped with time and the precious people are no more with us. When I lost my precious ones, I was moved to the core. Time is the best healer and the pain cured with time, but the fragrance of the bindings remains with me.

I know all the basics of life, handle the things in a bold & strong way, but the day somebody close to me departs for heavenly abode snapping all the beautiful bonds I share, it quivers me deep inside and varied emotions emerges out and at times, I get philosophical and life appears to be meaningless. For few days, I feel that the strains that we are taking to keep the life going is useless and meaningless but gradually, I come out of it and life limps back to normal.

The writer in me awakens and the emerged emotions are woven into words, giving shape to prose and poems. The strong emotions are strewn with the hues of passion, loss and truth of life.

The impact of my emotions on the loss of close and dear ones and I penned down giving it a shape of poetry. It is my way to vent out my pent up emotions. I wish to share with you all.

Poem I

Who Leave Never Come Back?

My Heart Searches

For the Soul

Who left in Silence?

Creating a Void.

A New Life Ushered

Filling the Gap.

Change is the Law of Nature.

Who leave never come back?

Degenerating Old

Generating New.

Relationship Regenerated.


The Presence of Good Souls

Persists Around


It’s Existence in Our Life.


© Ila Varma


 Poem II

Absolute Truth of Life!

 Often I Wonder

Sometimes I Ponder                                              

Why We Chase Life

Which is Evanescent?

 We Never Know

Today or Tomorrow

Will be mine.


We Woo

Time, Money, People


What we call Mine

Is Truly Not Ours.

 Descended from Mother’s Womb

Empty handed

Destined to Depart Empty.

Struggling to be the Owners


We are the Tenants for A Time.

 An Unknown Call Will Dawn on Us

On A Date Unknown

The Body Will Stop Breathing


Our Souls Will Fly.

 None Will Own This Body

Once The Soul Elopes.

Pulling Your Body

Down The Earth


Reduce To Ashes…


Why  Don’t We Enrich Our Souls

Which will be there with Us Till Eternity

Instead of

Enriching our Skins,

With Artificial Enamours, Grinding & Polishing.    

© Ila Varma

Once I express my feelings in words, I am relaxed and the queries that evokes my inner conscience is appeased and I feel light and bit free from the clutches of varied emotions, How & Why?

I believe many people go through the same emotions, the ways of letting out varies from person to person.

“Death is a peaceful journey to give the soul an eternal rest before starting for a new expedition.” 

“Life hurts  a lot more than Death.” 

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