Friday, February 12, 2016

Every day is A Valentine Day!

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I was pursuing Plus two from one of the reputed convent school. There was a get together at my friend’s place on her parents’ silver jubilee celebration and I was an active participant on the occasion.

I found the eyes of one guy intercepting my movements during the party and I felt uneasy about it. It is the incident of late 80’s, some twenty-five years back. In those days interactions between the opposite sexes was not so common, though it is rightly said, “Unlike poles attract” and this has been the reason since time immemorial of the craziness among boys and girls.

I did not pay much heed to it and was back to my place after the party and I forgot the figure chasing me in the party. It was wiped out from my memory.
After a fortnight, I received a call from my friend and she invited me to her place on some flimsy pretext.

When I reached her house, I found the same guy in her living room and my anxiety rose in. My friend asked me to take a seat and went inside the house.
The guy introduced himself and phone numbers were exchanged, it was the era of fixed landline phones.

Gradually with each peppy conversation, we got closer and nurtured dreams of togetherness. He was in final years of Post-graduation and was pursuing flying classes of aircraft.
I got a chance to fly in the small plane used for flying and in a very romantic way, he proposed me in air. I was in my late teens and was flattered by his request and I gave in my acceptance.

He waited for my graduation to complete and with the blessings of both the families, we were hitched to share the togetherness forever.

He loves me a lot and is ever ready to fulfil my desires and wishes, he pampers me a lot. I am spoiled in his pampers but he never ever gives me a chance to complain.
He is much matured in managing the relationships in cordiality.

We navigated to Delhi and he started a side business of Data management with a mission to utilize my time and energy in the right way in a very small dingy place.

His guidance and my devotion worked well and the business expanded with each passing year and we moved to a bigger accommodation and my hubby resigned from the job to give full time to our expanding business and it flourished.

In a journey of 15 years of togetherness, our business expanded to the height of glory as well as our relationships.

I need to mention here that we belong to Muslim faith and in our community the men don’t give much importance to females but my hubby is unique in varied ways.
He treats me on equal terms and I walk with him hand in hand. He never objects my dressing sense, I am free to wear any outfits of my choice, no bindings. We indulge in lots of travelling in India as well as abroad.

He is fond of driving and I enjoy the adventurous long drives with him and the loud peppy music steals the show and our love roars with streaks of laughter painting canvas of our life with our craziness.

He is very cool, never loses his temper and is always there when I need him in my emotional outbursts. I am amazed by his temperament and the coolness that sails on his face kills me.

We celebrated Silver jubilee of our wedding anniversary last year, i.e.  Oct 2015 and each day is a new day with him and I am inspired by his ways.

We have expanded in our business reaching each corners of India and abroad and we have been felicitated by the Government of India as one of the best Small Scale Enterprises of our country.

Our love roars with our passion and our business rocks with our togetherness. Not a single day passes without our smooches and exchange of the three magical words, “I LOVE YOU” and I wait for more surprises in life.

Every day is a valentine day for us.

(It is a real story conveyed to Ila Varma, names withheld on account of maintaining privacy)

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  1. Wow! Lovely story Ma'm! I am glad you got such person as your husband.
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  2. Wow! Lucky u! All the best for the contest!

  3. beautiful expression... good luck for the contest :-)

    1. Thanks. It is a real story, names withheld for privacy.

  4. Such a fairy tale love story! Wish you all the happiness!
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    1. Thanks.
      It is a true story, all aren't lucky but few are.

  5. Yes, a fairy tale lovestory- Enjoyable read...

    1. Thanks Rajeev for the appreciation. It is a true story.