With the entry of mobile in our life, the English language met with an accident and the slang English came into vogue and further, English died a natural death with the usage of abbreviated letters for words.

In the beginning, when I wasn’t addicted to mobile rather I deliberately did not show any interest in it, I used to scorn at people who forwarded Sms.I habituated in poking my nose in everything and giving free advices at the juncture where I am not asked to deliver, but I do my job earnestly out of habit. It’s hard to get out of it though I am trying my best  to leave before my daughter-in-law arrives in…I believe you can understand my point as poking MIL is not accepted. Things are different now, in our times peppy DIL was accepted, now it is the vice-versa…it was said in lighter vein…make it a note but don’t take too seriously that it has an adverse impact on your health especially new MIL’s & DIL’s…take it easy.

See, I have done my part in murdering the language and using MIL & DIL…wink, wink… 😉

When I received first Sms from my nephew, just see what blunder I did, portraying my usual self. I called him and scolded him for not using the language properly and too many spelling mistakes in one Sms… “This is what you have studied in your school…you forgot your lessons so early…blah blah.” I am sure at first he must have gone blank with my reprimands or would have repented for sending Sms to me.

I am very much conscious of spellings since early days of my school life and I have command over spellings of both the languages, English & Hindi. If ever someone missed any, I was ready to hold classes for them…over conscious and one good and remarkable thing about my spellings, I never mugged up rather I arrived at getting my spellings correct on the basis of pronunciation…its god gifted.

Within six months of mobile usage, I learnt that in text messages, people don’t pay attention on the spellings, matter is navigated in the easiest possible short text…but I adhered to my ‘ishtyle’ but could not stay out longer…now I have joined the gang and use wrong English to convey text messages on mobile & Twitter…twitter don’t allow more than 140 words, too strict.

I adopted and joined the race…no choice left with me and I coolly used the new version of colloquial English.

People were not contented with the murder of English language on text messages, they navigated further and started using the most abbreviated words on social networking sites and even shortened the greetings while meeting people.

Just see the example for yourself.

Rohit: Good morning Maam.

Me: Very Good morning Rohit.

        After one year

Rohit: Morning Maam.

Me: Good morning Rohit.

I couldn’t stop myself from asking Rohit why he greeted me morning only, “where was Good, was it on tour”…I asked Rohit sarcastically because I did not like his way of greeting. Rohit showed his ignorance, he said he did it casually, no motive behind. The class teacher in me opened eyes and I made him understand that morning is for everyone, Good is used because you wish it to be good for all you meet. My class was over, he stood with head hung low.

 Rohit was my co-worker in my office and we were working since long so I took his class but cannot take class of everyone every time.

The pure English language has moved backstage, it has been murdered brutally and the expressions to convey our feelings are been used in the most abbreviated forms.

 RIP…for conveying condolence to the departed soul and expressing concern for their family. I personally feel that when a person don’t have time to write in full form, then with this word, feeling is absent. I really feel bad and I abhor this word usage and till date haven’t used…It does not exist in my diary. You can find lot on the timeline wall.

 HBY…you are greeting someone on his special day and you can’t type it properly, this shows that you don’t have any concern for the person. Its better that you don’t wish, it will be more appropriate.

 There are a lot in usages and people do understand the meaning but the essence of warmth in a relationship has disappeared with these slang words and the coming generation don’t know proper spellings of many words.

The irony of using slangs, sometime, I get confused and my confidence shakes in regard to correct spellings and I have to peep in the dictionary to confirm.

Whatever life was left in the language, the Android took over the charge of pulling it out, if one is not alert while typing, it can send messages in its own way changing the entire context…gadgets have improved our life but have manipulated the language in its own way.

 I am hurt that the beautiful language has died a natural death in the era of gadgets which have indeed made our life easier and comfortable but what we have done in return.

We are the convicts and the language English is the victim and is requesting for rebirth.

Usage of proper words in proper forms do generate positive energy and the reciprocation of the same in positivity returns the energy with great impact on ourselves.

 Do share in your comments and let me know about my take.

By Ila Varma.

Approved Post.

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