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Days of Celebrations #Impact

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When I was in my teens, we had only two days in a year to celebrate other than the Independence Day and Republic Day and we morons eagerly waited for these two…Children’s Day and The Teacher’s Day…we poor souls had only these two days of freedom in our life; to be free from carrying the load of books, enjoy leisure time in school periods within school premises and to flaunt around in colorful dresses of our choices…that too was a choice of our Mother, not us…in our times, child did not have a say and the child never retaliated. While writing, this thought navigated into my mind and I tried to tally with today’s times, there is no comparison now because I find the kids of today are very conscious of their choices and they have freedom to pick & choose and none can impose their choices on Fantastico kids of today’s times.

Lot of changes have come in, indeed it has to…I’ve crossed more than four decades of my life, therefore I see tremendous transformation around and even I have changed a lot…and I have to, no choices left, if you stick tight with your view, either you will be hung within or flung out and I was not in a mood to be hung or flung out of the crowd, better navigate with the times rather face music.

I adopted the adage, “Birds of a feather flock together” and I befitted myself to harbour on safe port…I made a smart move, isn’t it.

In transition phase, many “Days of Celebrations” popped up and the peppy cards of Archie’s Gallery and the media helped them to spurt and the celebrations started in our life. I don’t remember the sequence of its arrival, but my attention too was diverted on these celebrations. I too needed those days to celebrate for a change; I was out of academics and was navigating in family life and had weaned away from those old days of celebrations of Teacher’s Day & the Children’s Day…the craze had vanished of these peppy celebrations.

Many Days came in, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Woman’s Day, Valentine Day, Family Day and the list grew longer and longer. The impact was remarkable on the sale of cards, bouquets & gifts though it began its advent slowly, the elite class took charge of the celebrations and gradually the fervor of the celebrations engulfed everybody…it started with a hush and hit the button, Bang On.

Today, there are numerous days on cards of “Celebrations” and the reminders are weekly ahead, on the social networking sites, media leaves no stone unturned hitting reminders, season of gifts,  discounts flares up in market and many new products find their way…so these celebrations have hopped in the economic zone. It hopped silently from the ignored back window of our house and now the people have opened their doors for these Days, people of all age groups have accepted and have adopted innovative and peppy ways to enjoy in their own style. In the beginning, elders were reluctant and scorned and smirked at the idea of celebrations but the daily soaps on idiot box did the work of convincing the elders and now these folks too indulge as active participants enthusiastically. Media did the work appreciatively.

You cannot miss the important days these days, umpteen reminders ping on mobiles, walls are painted with peppy messages and the newsprint too is too full…no way, you can miss them and the impact is imprinted on people’s mind.

Valentine Day invited many troubles with the celebrations in the start, the social activist resorted to all methods to ban the celebration of V- Day in India, but the reaction was just opposite. And the third law of Newton came into force, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

The fervor of Celebrations sprang up, turn your eyes around and it will be dazzled with the glitter of celebrations.

I find that most of the days, there is a celebration of some day or the other, the Days in vogue are Family Day, Brother Day, Sisters Day, Friendship Day and many more and more or less all has found room to celebrate.

Many say it’s the impact of Western culture and has navigated into the minds of public, it’s very true and the people have accepted it with a wide smile.

I believe if it is been celebrated with enthusiasm and till it is on positive note and binding people in booming relationships, it is good.

Happy Valentine Day to All!!!

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