Every day is a new chapter of life & we learn new things with every bounce & bumps of life….it is a continuous process and it continues in continuity…maximum ramble unnoticed, few jolt us from reverie or astonish us with its surprises and we do learn a lot from them, from our good deeds or mistakes. Both ways we are the gainers. Experience teaches us. Good and peppy experiences mesmerizes our soul with its brightness and the impact of ugly times are that they train us to be firm and strong and be cautious in future.

“Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor.” ― Truman Capote

The above quote delivers the truth the life unfolds in our journey.

It is easy to preach, “Learn the art of Trust.” But what happens when someone breaks the promises or fails to deliver the vows taken.  The impact is powerful, it leaves us shattered, especially if it is from a person on whom your all hopes were pinned & you trusted the person blindly with utmost faith & that faith is torn, heart wrecks.

However hard you try to disengage from the thought, you cannot separate yourself in one blow if that person is very near & dear to yourself and you hold him high. You can’t even share the complains with others, you will feel that you are disintegrating yourself because that person is a part and parcel of you, you held him so high and revered him next to the power unseen. People will mock at you and will question your wisdom.

How to react? If the emotions is flung from a person, who reigns in your heart. You can’t make long faces, you can’t cry…It will attract attention of many and will ask you for an explanation and you have nothing to explain. I believe many would have been in a fix situation like this at any point of life.

The faith was held in high esteem & in one go you can’t blow it out, out of proportion… mind allows to break the barriers but heart refuses to proceed further & since time immemorial peppy heart has been a winner over our fantastico mind and the impact is simple, you are broken. You allow someone to break it & it is tough to get over…there would not have been existence of heart and emotions if mind had the power to overrule it. It exists because we fool ourselves in love & relationships. We are well aware of the impact of toll of emotions, still we love to tread and race after because this is a binding force which unites hearts of all & we can’t unwind from it easily.

“Relationships fly with the wings of our heart and the emotions gives strength to soar high!”

Don’t let the trust cave in, appreciate the efforts of the person who entrusted you…respect the beholder…you won’t lose much instead you will gain…gain won’t be in momentum but the impact of it will be there in long run, you are bound to reap the fruits of it …over care or dependence feels like building pressure on one self but try to gaze the beautiful side to it, you are privileged to be the owner of the pride & try to maintain the sanctity of it…Care goes by sharing care….that’s it!!!

Peppy thoughts crept in while writing…read under and appreciate if you like it.

Be there for me, I need to rub my shoulders & feel the spark of igniting relationships and dance to the tune of music flowing on way…

“Hey, I love to listen…” She said

“Whaaaat” He asked eagerly

Musiccccccccc” came the curt reply from her.

“You are crazy” he said holding his head in his hands, he had dreams of many craziest things and shoooooo, this girl shattered his dreams….only dreams…trust is there, she won’t break.
Hey, I roped my feelings in words…slowly excelling in the art of weaving words…Word weaver…Wow.

By Ila Varma 2016

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