My close friend had been to the engineering college for Alumni meet. I couldn’t navigate because of my preoccupations at work and I could not get the leave for the occasion. He had shot the video of the celebration and visited my place with his lappy to show the shot video. I was excited to watch.

A tall, lanky girl in twenties draped in greenish blue sari was hosting the function. Her height was unusual, even I am very tall nearing to 6.1”, but still I found her taller than the girl’s height. She stole my attention, my eyes were transfixed on her and I was attentively watching her movements on the dais.

She was a good anchor and she knew the skills to captivate the attention of audience. I was attracted by her persona, a beautiful round face with round protruding eyes, a small nose, wheatish complexion and a sweet amusing smile which struck the chords of my heart.

Oh, She is the girl of my dreams, I confessed secretly.

The Alumni fest video was shared on our college site too. I got one more chance to watch her and I had downloaded in my system.I tried to intrude in her privacy and manifested all the details of her and her background. I stalked her on the social sites secretly to know more about her and few juniors of college helped me in this ride.

I was tapping my feet, the heart had swung into action and I found her amazing and beautiful.

“The beauty lies in the eyes of a beholder” turned out to be true.

After months of reunion at college, a mail propped up in my inbox and the mail was from the same Fantastico girl who had anchored the show and had invaded the crevices of my mind.

I was shocked and pinched myself, was it a truth or I was daydreaming.

The mail was from the same girl with a request to look for her placement as placement was thin in the college and she was concerned about her career. She had mailed to many seniors, I was one of them. It was a routine work of the students of the final year.

She had struck the right chord, I felt so and I smiled to myself. I replied to her mail instantly without giving a chance to lose the opportunity which had come closer on its own without any efforts from my end.

Gradually we came closer on social sites and exchanged words. I did not share my interest in her. I wanted to read her thoughts first, I was in no mood to lose her.

A month’s time was more than enough to know about her and her family and I passed all the information to my Mom whom I entrusted and she was secretly involved in this passing affair of mine on internet.

In the meantime, she got the placement in one of the reputed IT groups through campus placement.

I found her peppy talks interesting and her testimonials and credentials perfect in comparison to me and one fine day, I dropped the bomb conveying her that I plan to make her mine.

She stopped chatting and a sms blinked on my mobile in affirmation subject to her parent’s approval.

I was on cloud nine and passed the news to my Mom, who was well aware of her antecedents. I had told her beforehand after alumni meet and was waiting for the right occasion.

My Mom fulfilled the formalities and our marriage was fixed. My younger brother had met her in person and approved her, the amazing thing about this marriage was, we had not seen each other in person.

She too was gaga, there was a unique thing about this relationship. We had never met in person or seen each other, the chords of hearts had set in, in the world of connectivity connecting us.

For the first time, we saw each other on the sets of Metro station at Delhi and was enchanted by her beauty and found her more beautiful than the pictures on Facebook or in the shot video of my friend.

The heart had done the work earlier and now the eyes were working on it on our first meeting. She was a bubbly and charming girl and I could not switch my gaze from her.

We had stroked the right chord of our hearts and the love and the craze for each other is magical and I am spellbound by her love and laughter which rings in my ears and drives me crazy.

We love and admire each other on the path of crazy turns of life. We are engaged and waiting to slip in the relationship of marriage within a month’s time.

Video Love & Laughter

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(It is a real story conveyed to Ila Varma, names withheld on account of maintaining privacy)



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