There are umpteen ways to celebrate this occasion of Valentine Day and the fervor of V-Day has gripped people of all ages and the advertisements and promotions by the corporate promoters, social sites, media, newsprint and a vogue to celebrate the occasion has given wings to it.

Turn your eyes around and you will see the town painted red with heart shaped balloons hanging at marketplaces, restaurants, food-joints, parks and at public places, red rose bouquets of varied varieties steals the heart, amazing discounts and gift coupons, beautiful gifts and dresses and cuddly teddy bears, it’s so tempting to resist.

I feel instead of wasting a lot on partying and showcasing it in an affluent way, it can be celebrated with gaiety in the warmth of relationship. The feelings should be real and if the reality of faith is showcased with creativity of minds, then the impact of the relationship will last longer.

  1. Cook Meal: Instead of partying in hotels or restaurants, cook a meal of choices of partners and savour the taste. Laugh out loud in your own space and enjoy the faith and love sailing on your partner’s face.
  1. Gift a Card: Pick a beautiful card for your beloved and present along with a beautiful fresh flower, the rain of love will drench both of you breaching the distance. Messages & mails do have an importance and the ping of it flutters the strings of heart but it does not reside with the partners. Cards get a space in the heart as well as in the cupboards and a beautiful memory is carved with it. If it is DIY (Do It Yourself) then nothing can be much better and if the flowers are of your garden. Give your heart a run and think of all the possibilities that your love will bloom & blossom in.
  1. Soft Toys: A cuddly teddy is a beautiful gift for your lady, it will steal her heart if she is fond of soft toys. You can get one which is easy to your pocket, it comes in all sizes. The choice is yours how much you believe in spending for the occasion.
  1. Long Drive: Indulge in long drive if both of you love long drives. It will be a beautiful space to enjoy with your fantastico partner and music playing in the background will spice up the occasion and you can shower praises of love and fathom the beauty of close proximity.
  1. Surprise Gifts: Surprise gifts will charm your beloved. In all relationships, surprises are welcomed and if it comes from a close one, it makes you ecstatic and the expressions of it cannot find words to decipher. Try gifting bunches of air balloons with name imprinted of both on the balloons and savor the radiant look of your partners.
  1. Swimming Together: It is a quirky idea so try if you are good swimmers and give your passion a recourse to flow. It can be dangerous for non-swimmers so don’t give a try but it will be peppy occasion for fantastico couples.
  1. Blindfold Dance: If you have a gang of peppy partners, then arrange a dance show and dance blindfolded and select your partners from the gang. It will be very exciting but be cautious too…don’t get your partner’s exchanged…wink wink.
  1. Gift Lingerie’s: If you are in a close or long relationship, gift peppy and colorful lingerie, it will be a wonderful moment for your partner and your loved one will love to dress and feel your closeness wrapping her.
  2. Show-off your love to Turn On: Try some funny and sensual ways to turn on your partner. Plant a kiss on turn on spots, lock in tight embrace and indulge in gestures which brings spark to your relationships.

Word of Caution for New Entrants in Relationships: Don’t try No.8 & 9, you are bound to lose your partner. To get naughty, you need to win the trust of the partner. Respect your love-life.

It’s easy to fall for someone but very difficult to sail smooth. Patience and been nice, works wonder in the game of love & life and when the relationship matures, then indulge in playful moods and be naughty.

Try your imaginations to run hard and drown in splash of love and admiration.

“Love is an untamed force. When we try to control it, it destroys us. When we try to imprison it, it enslaves us. When we try to understand it, it leaves us feeling lost and confused.” ― Paulo Coelho

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