The peppy emotions of a mother who is on cloud nine cuddling her child in her arms and she feels her life worth to be born as a girl. With the birth of a child, her life is complete and she forgets the impact of pain that she underwent in bearing. A mother and a child shares a true relationship, a connection of umbilical cord and the emotions & unconditional love binds them throughout.

She navigates down the memory lanes of her youth and scribbles in favour of a peppy life that God bestowed on her with his grace and chooses her to be a fantastico Mother of a beautiful life.

“The Only Day in Your Life, Your Mother Smiled When You Cry.”…the words of Dr. Kalam holds true for a mother.

I was blessed with a motherhood at a very young age and was very careless and carefree before the birth of my kids. The peppy feelings of mine that I have composed at different junctures of life, when I felt great to be a Mother and nothing can else would have satiated me more than this bliss. Now my kids have outgrown my lap and have flown away to carve a niche for themselves. We are connected via modern technology still at times I miss them a lot.

I believe in writing and my emotions overflow with my expressions in ink.

The impact of my profound feelings vents out in the form of poems. Hope you all will enjoy and join me in my navigation to the world of dreams and desires.

Poem I

I writhed in pain

The world seemed dark with fear

The sweet cries of you my dear

Filled me with pride.

The immense pain vanished

In fraction of seconds

That I underwent to bear.

The dream I started weaving

The day my love germinated

Inside my womb.   

It was celestial to feel

A life evolving inside

With the cute little kicks

Tingling in my tummy.

Gradual changes in me

With life growing inside me

Making me gorgeous

Day by day.

With each passing hour

Edging near hope

With a faith

To feel soft and supple

Over the nine months

Appear to be true.

As you lay on my chest

Cute little mouth moved over my nipples

And milk overflowed to quench your thirst.

The small little fingers

Clinging on my arms with a faith

Cute little eyes twinkling

Gaze fixed on my face.

The feeling was awesome

Which words can’t hold?

Blessed to be a Mother

Of this cute little soul.

Poem II

I Can’t Believe My Eyes


I Created This Tiny Life

Winking & Blinking

At Me

With Cute

Twinkling & Sparkling


Charmed By the Beauty


My New Born.

Caressing & Cuddling


In My Arms

I Feel

My Life Is Worth

To Be a Mother.

I got relief by executing my emotions via pencil sketch and see for yourself the impact of the bliss on a piece of paper.

10630629_10202838637271360_6098450417905259440_o (1)

© Ila Varma 2015

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