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Garbage has become synonym with Delhi, feel ashamed
to mention it is the capital of our country India, our Fantastico Delhi once known for its rich historical and cultural
heritage and now lying littered with heaps of garbage, transforming it to
stinking city. It is very sad that all things is navigating under the nose of central and state machinery.
The direct victims are the common man suffocating to
the stinks emanating from the heaps of garbage and diseases can follow soon or
might have started its work and this garbage menace can invite outbreak of

The main reason turns out to be the non-payment of
salaries to the thousands working under this Corporation tag which tunes to crores,
just feel the trauma of families of the workers…how they are surviving, under
what circumstances these lives are reeling, what music the breadwinners of the families are going through, it shivers me thinking of their plight.

There are many accounting loopholes in this garbage
case and many departments are involved in this racket of non-payment of MCD
workers throwing life out of gear of common man and the workers whose lives
thrives on the funds of the Corporation.
Mud-slinging is on, between the departments and the
state machinery and nobody is ready to take or accept the blame and find a
midway for the employees and the workers have put their hands down and the impact can be seen garbage dumped on
main roads and the lanes.

They have resorted to all methods of agitation to
attract the attention of the departments and politicians. They even dumped
heaps of garbage in front of the politician’s residences. Time to time they are
calmed down and promised to clear the pertaining dues, but all turns out to be
false promises.

A close inspection into the case will unmask many
powerful and prestigious leaders and authorities in the irregularities of the
accounts, but who is suffering in this whole process…the impact is on the people of Delhi and the cleaning staff who is
finding difficult to survive in this inhumane conditions.

This is ongoing since more than a year, off and on
they go on a strike and the garbage lies scattered all over.

In this hell, I navigated
to Delhi for my health check-up and the sight that my eyes laid on was
miserable during the ongoing strike of the corporations. Fresh garbage was
scattered on the roads by the cleaners and it was difficult for the cars to
move on it, so imagine the plight of pedestrians. I had planned to visit Karol
bagh for some marketing but I instantly dropped the idea discovering garbage
all over.
Many queries racked my mind,

Is this the start of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, (piles up of garbage), a movement
started by Government of India?

On Social sites, it is been advertised and the leaders and authorities
are shown cleaning the clean roads and here the capital of our country lies in
heaps of garbage and the corporation staffs families suffering in scarcity of

It is a mockery of our existing system and the two great leaders of our
country, PM, Mr.Modi & CM, Mr. Kejriwal in whom the public entrusted and
exercised their Right of franchise & now people are left to suffer.

Is this the pride of India?

Concerned authorities and leaders wake up and listen to the call of
grieved public and grieved staffs of MCD.

Try to win the trust instead of losing.

(Inputs by Ila Varma,  my experiences and the media news published helped me to write. No data verification done.)

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