A Very
Happy New Year to all!!!

It’s a
very common & age old practice to prepare for some resolutions to follow in
the year and we vow to follow it religiously, but it all remains in black &
white. Very few or some rare species do adhere to it throughout the year.
Generally people forget & stray far away from the points of resolutions
that they had secretly jotted down or vowed in public that is public announcement
among social or family circles. It’s true that people do prepare a list of To Do
list, which starts its advent in late December and it’s ready before the mark
of the New Year.
I liked
the idea of WOW to ask to jot down the ideas that we don’t intend To Do in 2016
or further, a twist in the tale of To Do list, a list to be prepared, Not To Do
ones in this year 2016 or henceforth. I scratched my head first going through
the WOW blogadda.
Few funky
ideas cropped up 
to continue with my Dieting Programme
Phew : I started my diet program last year and adhered to it strictly
controlling my taste buds & adopting a view that I eat to live not I live
to eat. At the back of my mind, I dreamt that I would shrink to zero size and
will flaunt my figure in outfits that will accentuate my curves and will wear sexy
outfits and blah-blah. I ate oats without sugar, green boiled veggies which I
despised since my childhood and one two fruits in whole 24 hours starving my
body and craving for a model like figure. Whole year passed, no feasible
changes set in, continue to be more or less the same and when I stood on a
weighing scale, only few kilos had displaced from a quintal which dampened my
spirit and I vowed to drop the dieting programme. My all dreams and desires to
flaunt my figure got crushed under my current weight. Whew…One idea listed in my Not To Do

To Say “NO”
: I
need to learn to say, “No”. I am a person of helpful nature and try to help
others at the most and sometimes, I overstretch in providing help to others,
but when I am in need most of the people shy away, generally those faces for
whom I moved further than my ability. At trying times, such responses from
familiar faces hurt me to the core and at times, I turn hostile (rarely). After
going through such events, I thought that I need to learn the lesson of saying
No and to mean it. I have surpassed four decades of my life, saying Yes every
time, but now onwards, I will say, No and I really mean it. One more idea listed in my Not To Do List.
For this
year 2016, two ideas in Not To Do List is enough. Rest I leave for 2017.
believe in the adage, “Slow & Steady Wins The Race”, in trying to grab
more, I may lose what I intend to gain.
again, Wish you all, “A Very Happy New Year.”
“Hope, Smiles from
the threshold of the year to come, Whispering ‘it will be happier’…”

― Alfred Lord

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