Monday, January 11, 2016

Voice of Silence

       “The power of silence is more vivacious than the power of meaningless words. “

I was raised in a joint family, where silence was an alien in this world of commotion. I say commotion because three generations lived under the same roof and each generation had a different set of rule for his younger generation, so brick batting & wounding with words of advice was always on. I insist on wounding with words because the rules were stringent and we the younger ones didn’t like to follow, so we were the most hurt. Still I enjoyed living in the family and never felt lonely.
After marriage, when I shifted on a rented accommodation, silence became a part of life. When my husband left for his office, I felt like I was in a haunted house and the silence virtually killed me. I felt very disheartened as I wasn’t used to live in a silent atmosphere. Anyhow, I had to manage myself, there were no choices in front of me, I had to bear it.
I discovered few things of which I was ignorant.  The first most discovery was that I came to know that the wall clock made a noise of tick -tick. In the first instance, I couldn’t believe my ears and thought that maybe due to nervousness, the tick- tick sound is haunting me and I asked my husband. He too laughed out loud at my kiddish fear and confirmed that the wall clock did made a sound.
The second discovery was that I came to know that even domestic lizards made sound, "tchak tchak tchak". In my maternal house, silence was at bay, so never had the opportunity to hear the lizards.
Been a music lover, I started listening to songs of my choice and sang & danced on the tune, which made me lively and I began to love dwelling in silence and it soothed my senses.
I started writing journals and diaries and amidst silence, expressions soared and beautiful ideas emerged in my mind and I painted my journals with words dip in beautiful hues of expressions.
Gradually, I was in friendship with silence and I loved indulging in it. The silence that devastated me to the core, now had started to gratify me and I was in love. It gave wings to my thoughts and calmed my mind.
The silence had both the powers of gratifying when the skills of silence is used in a positive way but it can be devastating if used in a negative way. The person who wants to learn can use the power of silence having a positive impact whereas if a person is distressed and under pressure, the same silence can be a demon for a loner and can impact him negatively.
Still the voice of silence has a power to heal, just one needs to have a power to grasp silence. It’s not easy to be silent, because even if we don’t speak, thousands of words spills continuously in our minds and the person who can control this spilling thoughts can attain the power of silence. One who attains the depth of silence is the one near to God. It isn’t easy but a regular practice can take you nearer to spirituality.  

    Practice indulging in silence and reap the fruits of silence.

       "Silence is the sleep that nourishes wisdom. - Francis Bacon"

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