Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Turnings In Life

“Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.”
― Dr. Seuss

Life is a process which is under continuous change, no two seconds are the same nor our approach are the same for the same instance in different timings. I may sound weird, but it’s true. Check it for yourself, introspect and you will agree with me.
There are series of events in our day to day life, some cheer us, few change our ways, some disappoint us, few irritate us, this is the bouquet of life with different shades and how we perceive the things and action on it. It breaks the monotony of life.
Just give a thought, how many people do we meet in our life, innumerable. Do we remember all? No, some people come for a season, some for a reason and some stay along life long and on top of that there are many with whom we interact for few seconds, minutes or hours. The intensity of impact in relationship does not count the timings, many stay with us throughout still the feeling does not imprints in our heart and few stays for some time but the impact is intense. It’s a matter of heart and your reactions, some stirs you from within and some cannot stay in your memory for long.
Same case stands for the years that do change after twelve months impacting our life. I hear people say that that year was excellent or in that year we have been through lots of hardships. My thoughts or perceptions differs a bit, every year good things and bad things arrive in our life and kicks us with jubilations or inflicts us with pain. We forget good things easily and brush it off and we hold our tough times with a grudge. It is all a matter of thought. I think I am sounding more philosophical and have strayed off the line. So I need to get back on the topic, “Tales Of 2015.”

The whole year was a package of happiness & sorrows, achievements & losses, health & pain and it’s the same for all. The stage is the same, the characters change and the willingness of acceptance by the characters carve a niche.

It was a moment of joy & pride that my younger son got absorbed in TOI by campus placements and it was a remarkable thing because he abruptly diverted his attention after completing engineering to journalism and flocked to an entirely different arena & ended doing Masters in Journalism. Now, I feel it was the right choice. But at that moment, when he made a choice, my heart was choked with fear of uncertainty and dark clouds seem to be shrouded in our lives and fingers crossed. The parents can object or refrain the child when he is under teens, but one can’t stop after the child is grown up. Same was the situation at my end and I was stuck in a situation of do or die. The time passed and his struggle awarded him with the job of his choice and he is pursuing his passion heartily. I am relaxed and in a mood of celebration seeing him stabilize in life. It was like a treasure hunt game and we played well and finally he succeeded in achieving it. This incident turned out fruitful and inspired aspiring dreamers to choose the path of own choice and even I discovered that the passion pursued by choice gives best fruits, only strong conviction is required to attain.

Another string that affected my life, I dared to pursue my dream of reading & writing. I dared to leave my job outright and to stay hooked up in writing, giving wings to my dream. It wasn't an easy task, a very tough choice and to move away from a secured income in the form of respectable monthly remuneration to unsecured income where you lose your identity as a financial portfolio manager and the chances to earn are bleak and distant. In one way, I lost my professional identity in the market and a halt in my earnings. Before submitting my resignation, weird thoughts would often grip me, as I was contemplating for the since more than a trimester and an unknown fear would caught hold of me. I was stepping into an arena where my existence was nil and I had to start from the basics and no godfather to support. But, I dared and now I am in a win –win situation because I am deriving pleasure indulging in writings and I am contended. I am my own boss and the struggles in this new journey seems challenging and I am fascinated.

I was in dark spell of time, suffering from complete immobility due to nerve compression in spine. It was a rough phase for nearly four to five months wherein I had to depend on others for my basic chores and I was totally helpless. I feel proud of myself that in spite of odd hours in life, I never get out of mind losing my temperament rather I control the reins of my mind engaging myself in creativity and music. Engaging myself in creative things boosts my mental balance and I am cool and happy even in those intricate trying times and accept the challenges happily.
Music is the only thing in my life which keeps me going and I enjoy listening to music and it sends me in a state of trance where I see myself dancing to the tunes and enjoying life.
Life is fraught with challenges, it’s your choice to make it or break it. Why not accept the challenges and lead a happy and contended life.
My motto of Life is simple, I live today as if it is the last day of my life and accept the changes as it comes.

Don’t worry, Be Happy.
Don’t chase the life, let the life chase you.

“You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching,
 Love like you'll never be hurt,
Sing like there's nobody listening,
And live like it's heaven on earth.” 
 William W. Purkey

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  1. It is good to know more about you. I wish success to your son in his endeavors and I congratulate you for making the choice of resigning and taking up your passion. Take care of your health too. Wish you success and happiness always...:)

    1. Thanks Sunaina for your kind words. Challenges come in life, we need to welcome it in happy mood. Issues of health are there & I do take care of myself but never get bogged down. I face it with courage.

  2. Hurray to the successes from the 'difficult choices'.Congrats & best wishes to you and your son!