In the late evenings
In dark corners
The bodies pressed
laid near on the shore
Far away from the noises
where we could listen
the breathing heart beats of only two.
The body yearned
For the caresses
Warming up the passion
Burning deep within
Writhed for the fingers
To delve within
Exploring the unexplored rage.
The noises of the
Waves languishing
Ending their might at shores
Soaring our lust of love.
He pressed my fingers into his
Clasping hard & tight
His lips quivered
Licking & Smooching
My earlobes, nape
Swallowing my luscious lips
Sending shivers down
Tingling my back
Whispering softly
The sweet lullabies
Of love
Of ecstasy
His warm breaths
Pouring on my face
Mesmerized me
Which was longing
For a warm touch.
The body yearned
For a caress
His fingers entangled
In between the laces
Stripped me
Baring me all over.
The touch of skin
Sparked & ignited
Me from within.
He rubbed me hard
Fondling playfully
Seducing me to the core.
I surrendered myself
To let him unleash
The hidden desire.
His eyes
Filled with lust
All Over me
Watching me
Heated in his lust.
A crooked smile
Pursed on my lips
Inviting him for more.
I was moaning
Rising & falling
With his hard caresses
Digging & scratching
My bare skin.
I moaned
He groaned
His lips relishing on my skin.
Sweat poured
Glistening our bodies
In the duskiness of moonlight.
His smooth caresses
Spates me to zenith
I shout out aloud
Give me more.
Crossing the boundaries
He took me
Into the depths of eternity
Sailing through
The wanders of lust
Satiating & refreshing
My lost senses.

© Ila Varma 08-01-2016

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