Stranger #Fantastico

I was ruminating in the memory lanes of yesteryears, a flash
flickered of an incident when an unknown guy had helped me generously and his
behaviour made me believe that still good souls thrive on this earth where we
find untoward incidences happening every now and then jeopardizing lives of
As far as I can remember, the incident is of May, 2002. The heat
spells were at maximum in our town, Patna, it’s a normal course in the summers.
I had to attend a funeral ceremony get together at my relative’s place and my
car was in garage, due to sudden breakdown. It was a necessity to attend the
ceremony, so there was no choice. I along with my son started for the
destination on a rickshaw in the afternoon around 1 pm and the vehicles were
off the road,due to scorching sun. We had reached halfway of the destination
and the rickshaw was going on its own speed, suddenly one rickshaw intercepted
the way from wrong side and clashed with our rickshaw and I saw rickshaw
turning turtle but couldn’t jump out of it. In the next moment, I was on road and
thankfully, we were not injured. Dusting my clothes, I managed to stand holding
hands of my younger son. I felt dizzy and dark in front of my eyes, I hurriedly
ambled to the nearby shop and took a seat to balance myself, but fell

Suddenly, I felt been pulled up by a stranger. I was alarmed &
tensed, it was the time when Jungle Raj reigned in Bihar and kidnapping &
looting was on spree. I resisted and asked him to leave me.

“Please trust me sister, you are unwell. I will drop you at
your residence. Believe me.” The unknown guy said.

“Sorry, how can I trust you? I don’t know you” I said
holding my son tight.

He persisted me to believe him and accommodated us in his
car. With heavy heart and recalling Almighty, I accepted his request, deep
inside, a turmoil unfurled, but I maintained my cool.

He was a good fellow, he offered water to wash my face and
took me to the nearby hospital to get first aid and check -up. On way, he
narrated an incident that happened with his sister, she too met with an
accident and was badly hurt and on finding me unconscious in the shop, the
incident flashed in his mind and he rescued me.

Indeed, he was a nice guy and he dropped us at our place. I
was relieved and thanked him profusely for his help and thanked my stars too to
reach safely in the reigns of Jungle Raj.

I did not asked his name or whereabouts but till today, I am
grateful to him for his kind gesture. It instilled a belief that still fantastico souls rule this earth and he arrived as a Messiah to help me. May God Bless

© Ila Varma 2016

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4 thoughts on “Stranger #Fantastico”

  1. Nice to read such stories…

    1. Ila Varma says:

      Thanks Rajeev for the appreciation….generally we forget good people & good times.

  2. Isn't it strange that people with good intentions have to struggle in this hopeless world to prove their worth? Great man who came forward to help you despite this.

    1. Ila Varma says:

      Thanks Sunaina. When social system is in turmoil, even people with good intentions are scorned with suspicion.

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