A baby girl

Dawned on this earth

Big protruding eyes

Crimson cheeks

Very fair


In the arms of her mother


The nipples


The honours of motherhood.


The family

Scorned & Ignored

The new-born

The fault was simple

She was a Peppy Girl.


Her mother

Faced the music

Been incapable

To bring a heir

She was cursed

For the disaster.


Mother nurtured

Her Fantastico

Like princess


The brunt of all.


With a hope

A day will dawn

When girls will be


With open arms.


Time navigated

The baby


To a charming nymph

Under the impact

Of myriad

Love & care.




A fitting alliance

For their lovely



To be showered

With positive vibes.


The Day Arrived

Wrapped in bridal red attire

Decked in dazzling gold



The relations behind.

To start a life a fresh

With the Prince Fantastico

With the blessings of all.

Thousands of peppy dreams

Weaved in fantasy

Caged in her heart

To lead a life

In the aura of happiness & care

In the close embrace of her love.

The very first night

Her dreams were scattered

Hearing his first verdict

Of her Man

She was only

An ornamental mistress

Some other


His mind & heart.




In pain & disaster


The impostor

Shed off his skin

Of mildness.


Numerous questions


Reverberated in her mind

Why was she opted

For this Music

Roping her name

Deflowering her life

Where she erred?

She cried out loud

Howled & pleaded

Appealing for the mercy

With a hope

He will melt.

Her pleads went in vain

He was a living monster

With steel heart & claws.

He laughed & thundered

Narrowing his eyes

Enjoying her unspeakable plight.

She was breached


All her dreams tattered

Before her eyes.

Mustering courage

She navigated


Superficial bindings


Imposter a blow.

With a vow

To recast

Her life anew.

© Ila Varma 28-01-2016

The girl’s birth is not welcomed in most of the families. People celebrate the birth of a son with pomp and show and there is a innate belief that the son’s are the heirs of family. Biologically, a female has no role in giving birth to a son or a daughter, it is the male’s sperm which decides the sex of a child, but still females are held responsible for it. Since primitive days, people scorned at the birth of a girl child. People got educated, lifestyle changed but the mindset did not underwent major changes and the society still disapproves her existence.

What an irony, the creator of universe is not welcomed, her hard luck.

A bit change crept in as times navigated and the parents supported & educated her. When she attains a marriageable age, they search a suitable alliance and marries her off nurturing a dream that she is blessed with a loving  husband and family.

Sometimes, luck does not favor her and she is cheated. In our society, man can live a life on his own terms but in the case of a woman, people back out to help her and she is locked in the four walls of house suppressing her desires.

Time has changed and it is the need of the hour to change the mindset of society. She too has a right to live and her wants to be fulfilled.

Society disapproves but few have dared to bring in the change and has moved out of the relationship which was farce and has carved a place of her own. It requires a lot of courage and perseverance to bear the taunts of family & society.

We need to change our perspectives for the female child and raise her without discrimination.

Such cases still prevails in our society and it needs to be changed. Impact of education has upsurged in society but still a long way to go.

Dark facet of the society exist in the dark corners of our country.

Poet of the Poem: © Ila Varma

(The views expressed are solely of the author Ila Varma, my close observations. It is not influenced by anyone.)

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