Dark clouds hovers

Sprawling gloom all over

A silent voice
Deep within me
Am I going to be exempted,
From the redemption of fate.
Off and On
It blesses me with intricacies
Of health
I fight tight
Conquering the ongoing
With a wide smile
Trampling down forever.
Stands in a queue
Waiting for its turn
One liberates
The next one
I am perplexed
Anxiety pumps in
Temperament fluctuates
I shout in rage
The words are inside
Why am I empanelled
For all the agitations.
Can’t you let me free
For few years
To relish
The stunners of life.
I am amazed
At the God grace
Why he bestows me
The crown of thorns.
He loves me even more
Without laments
I surrender myself
In his power
Boozing all the pain.

My eyes sparkle with delight
My heart speaks of love
My voice
The people I meet
In the midst
Of life journey.
The power
By which
I retaliate
Bewildered are the masses
They wonder
How tough I am.
I have vowed
With my life
The more you try
To suppress
I will emerge out
By the tough trials.
In this life
You can’t
Wean away my dimples
I will be smiling forever.

© Ila Varma 13-01-2016

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