Oops!!! I broke those eggs – #Impact

Everyone loves to be blessed with crowning
glory….voluminous, black & lustrous, silky tresses with a good texture and
free from hostages…lice & dandruff which makes life miserable. Hope you all agree. I haven’t included long hair because, in this fast pace of life, most people prefer medium to short hair, very few will be spotted with long hairs nowadays. Back to three-four decades, rarely we sighted fair sex with short hair, but now its common phenomena. In today’s life, the length of hair depends upon the profession of a person and the free time that she has in hand to maintain. Its length is proportional to time available with the person, Am I right? Hope so, you all will ditto my statement, excuse me
ladies, who have long hairs as exceptions are always there.

Nowadays, you will find men & boys with long hairs, trying to impress girls….but I just hate Men with long hairs…till Sardar ’s, it’s fine as it is related with their religion & no one has the authority to peep in. But Men be Men groomed with short and trimmed hairs, you look honorable & handsome with it, let the long or medium length tresses be for the fair sex, it adds to her beauty and in you, it mars your handsome persona…Do ponder on my suggestion and you will find me right.

Ohh…I’ve drifted apart from the topic that I started with…Healthy
tresses adorn & highlight the beauty of a woman. All are not lucky to be
gifted with natural sheen or volume of hairs. It requires efforts to maintain
and regular care, which needs hairdressing on time.

I am not a beauty or hair expert but since childhood, I had been careful about my hair and teeth. I am very particular about it and give
ample time from my free time to myself. I use natural products and it indeed has helped me a lot. In my early days of childhood, I had sparse and thin hair, I believe it was in countable numbers if someone could take the trouble to take a count of it. Family members used to mock at me for my sparse hair as my sister had real crowning glory, it was god gifted but I wasn’t so lucky in this respect.

Since early childhood, I had a fascination for non-veg. foods and I abhorred veg. foods. When I was in Std. III, I was reading a science book and there was a chapter of advantages of non-veg. foods and how they helped in
growth. I found that eggs are good for hair and you won’t believe it, next
moment, I was in the bathroom & khataak… broke a raw egg on my hair and massaged it in my scalp. I myself don’t know how I did it. Even now when I try to envisage, I wonder how I mustered so much courage to do. How I was successful in this venture at an early age of eight years, that too in the era of late seventies. Even nowadays kids can’t manage or mothers can’t leave it to the kids, but I was successful in my venture.

I had dared to try eggs on my hair in a family of three generations living under the same roof  where non-veg. items were not allowed in the kitchen. It was cooked in a designated corner of the house and the utensils and the cookware set was also separately allotted for cooking. No one could dare to roam with eggs in hand. You can well imagine the after effects of the mess created by me in an attached bathroom of the house. The smell of egg is peculiar and it travelled fast through the nostrils of the family members. It
had done its work in fractions of a second. All ran towards the bathroom from where the smell was emanating and just give seconds to your imagination, what all could have happened in those minutes. Don’t imagine that I was spanked, I was spared but the commotion that stirred inside leaving all amazed and restless. It was more than what we see in the parliament’s session of today…now I feel like laughing out loud releasing my bouts of laughter and emotions that was suppressed at that moment.

No one could imagine how and why I did it. The inquiry by
the family members were rigorous than the court sessions which is aired in
films or in serials, luckily, I’ve not got a chance to visit court sessions.

I replied in a submissive tone, “I followed what my Science textbooks said. It’s going to help my hair.”

I was loving the expressions on their faces and thanked my stars that they didn’t tried their spanking skills on me but the insult was worst than spanking.

Next day, I was reprimanded to our family physician along with my granny She briefed him my skills that I had tried a day before. My granny was concerned that I would lose my mental equilibrium if I use eggs for
hair wash. The family doctor proved to a god send saviour for me, he asked me to continue with the egg deal. He explained her sincerely that it was good for my hair and soon they will find the results positive…improvement in volume of my hair.

She couldn’t say anything further to the doctor and she announced the doctor’s verdict to the family members. They all were disappointed and tried other ways to stop me. But I didn’t stop. I don’t know what had happened to me, I continued with my discovery and religiously continued
with it. Gradually, it became a habit and it did improve the texture of my
hair. In those days, no magazines came out with the idea of using eggs for
hairs and all. So, I was the inventor…hahaha… 🙂

Now all eyes prying on my hairs, it improved immensely and
it grew lustrous and silky. Even in schools, I was the cynosure of all eyes and all asked how I managed.  I was in my teens. Been an extrovert, I plainly told them that I used eggs for the scalp and few drops of shampoo to rinse.
Comments sparked after knowing that I used eggs for my hair,
here goes the comments that followed:
  •  Oh’h my god, eggs for hair, it smells…my reaction…neutral.
  • I can’t afford eggs for my breakfast and eggs for hair…No, no…my reaction…I smiled.
  • How your parents react…mine will break my head blah blah…My reaction…neutral.
  • My granny’s verdict will have to find a guy who can bear the cost of eggs…in the days of my invention…one egg cost…40 paise…My
    reaction…smiled on their helplessness.
The tantrums that my family followed after I used eggs for hair wash, it was quite frequent. Till to this day, I wash my hair on alternate days…so imagine usage of eggs…and the drama that followed.

The total components of the bathroom were rinsed with hot water and surf and disinfectant followed and this routine followed until I was married off.

Now when I brood over the past then I feel the pain that they took for the egg.
Now, listen to my story.
Till today, I don’t know how egg smells, I find odorless. Now even my son makes faces while entering my bathroom after my chores of hair wash. He knows the smell but I don’t know.
It helped to improve the texture of my hair, it’s very soft and silky, lustrous and greys are there but at a minimum, I don’t use any dye. Sometimes, I use raw henna as a conditioner, but I avoid using in winters. Touchwood, I don’t have a problem of hair fall which
normally people face, have been lucky.
1.  I get my hair trimmed at short intervals, so no split ends.
2. I use vinegar or curd to ward off dandruff which tries their attack in monsoons or winters.
3. I keep four sets of combs, two wide-toothed and
two normal brand Lily combs and I wash them the day I shampoo my hair. I don’t share my combs with anyone, not even with my parents, siblings or kids.  If on an outing, I miss carrying them, I buy new ones but don’t use others. I am very much possessive of my combs.
4. I carry my comb in the purse because due to a straight, soft and
silky texture, it’s difficult to keep tied for a long time or manage, though it doesn’t entangle. I am over conscious about my hair.
Previously, I too had long hairs, as I said hairstyle changes due to time constraints and I was no exception. I too joined the race, so at present it’s up, to shoulder length.
The cost of eggs multiplied with times, now one egg cost Rs.5 or 6, the journey has been enthusiastic from forty paise to six rupees, our income enhanced and so the cost of an egg.
But please don’t ask me, how it smells, I am not aware of it and my hair smells nice after shampooing and I am happy with my invention.
Many followed my tactics watching the growth of my crowning glory. It has started to grey and I have accepted the truth and I love the greys & wish to age gracefully.
This is the story of the Impact of Eggs on the Fantastic Crowning Glory.

Images are a mine of my childhood and young days. and Now.

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