Navigation into the Cyberspace


A Day without connectivity is difficult to envisage in life
of today. And a World without Internet is inconceivable in today’s scenario,
incomprehensible where life’s maximum demands depends upon internet and a
single day without internet will plunge the world into a tunnel of darkness and
loss in terms of economy alone is unfathomable. Today’s life survives in a
world of internet. Pros and cons are always there for each and every sphere,
but in the case of connectivity, pros outweigh largely the cons. Each and every
needs of life spheres is connected with cyberspace.

If a link fails of a single bank, whole transactions comes
to a halt, even the emergency services can’t be accessed. The Dalal Street too runs
in the grip of net, whole transactions comes to a grinding halt if their
connections are snapped for even a fraction of seconds.

These are simple examples which came to my mind while
writing, I feel whole world is connected with the link and a dream to snap it
lines for few seconds is alarming. Life will come to a Halt. One can say, “It’s
all about habit”, it’s true to a large extent but the whole mechanism of the
world is connected, so snapping it is Impossible.

The whole world has shrunk, it is on the fingertips of an
individual, a single click will transport you in any corner of the world, where
you desire and on a single platform all are interconnected. When connectivity
wasn’t there, none could ever imagine that it was possible, but the net has made
it accessible & possible in its truest sense.

For me, internet is a boon. With few simple clicks, I manage
all my things on my own, whether it’s my finances, shopping, writing, pursuing
my hobby, music etc. In spite of certain disabilities, I am far ahead from a
normal person, a very independent person with a strong will and a simple plug
plugged my life with adventures. Even it helped us to reunite with our
childhood buddies with whom we had lost connections, but now after meeting on
the social platform, we meet in person and relive our school days. Even if you
forget special occasions of near & dear ones, it reminds you and you can
surprise people with cakes, gifts and flowers. The whole world is in your fist.
You are blessed with grandchildren in abroad, you don’t need to wait to visit
them. A single click takes you to the room of a newcomer and you can hear the
cries & babbles of your loved ones. Watch snowfall and what not. You can
navigate the places that are out of the reach of your pocket.

Demerits are there, but it’s minuscule compared to its
merits and it can be handled by care & been alert. Alertness is required
even if you place your steps and in this cyber world, you need to be alert
& witty while handing connectivity to kids. Same alertness is required to
raise and rear your kids.

World without Internet just can’t imagine, it has become
necessity of all.

Click, click, click……..and you are ready for Banking, Shopping,
Booking movie tickets, Air & Rail Reservation, Reading, Writing, Video
Conferencing, Social Platforms.

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Learn, Enjoy and Live in the spaces of Cyber world.

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2 thoughts on “Navigation into the Cyberspace”

  1. Viyoma says:

    True, they have their merits- the caution comes when we try to overuse it. We need to bridge the growing line between a Virtual Connect & Physical Disconnect

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