Monday, January 25, 2016

Music is My Life

Music is the forte of my life which keeps me agile and perky. I just can't imagine a day without music. I am very much of fond of peppy songs. I keep humming some song or the other of my choice. I used to sing a lot and even participated in music shows in school & college. I nurtured a desire to learn musical instruments, though due to time constraints and familial responsibilities could not dare to learn instruments, the desire still remains unfulfilled. I am in a look out to learn, let's see when I turn out to be lucky to try my hands on keyboard. I could not continue with my singing due to tonsillitis, but still I listen to songs of all kinds, conventional, classic, rock, jazz, peppy and all sorts.
It has to be music and the choice of the songs depends upon my mood, the fast peppy numbers attract my attention, because it keeps me chirpy and lightens the mood.

I tap my hand and feet with the song and it keeps me on high and I even love to dance on my favourite peppy numbers & it keeps the boredom at bay. I prefer listening to songs in solace and it soothes me to the core and I feel as if I am sailing in an entirely different world where only two things exist, that's me and the music. The feeling that I go through is mystifying and enticing.

I am not fond of watching TV shows, I prefer listening to songs of my choice. There is one more advantage, if you listen to songs, your time can be utilized to fulfil other chores of life and you don't need to sit glued and get hooked unlike the idiot-box viewers who waste their precious times in watching shows. Hey...the lovers of television world, please excuse me if I have offended all of you by my statement, it's truly my own perception and I don't even impose on anyone. It's my observation and I believe I'm correct to some extent.

Everyone has their own way of judgment. If someone spots me listening to songs might judge me to be abnormal and the way I sway my body with the rhythm, onlookers might take me as an insane. I involve myself into it enjoying every bit of it. I feel that I am sailing in dreams, the feeling is beyond description. It can be experienced only.
I enjoy listening to songs on high pitch, few get offended often, but I love my way.

I can't zero in on few songs, because I love most of them and I have a good number of songs stored in my system and I take care that I don’t lose them.

Music keeps me chirpy and cheerful.


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  1. it seems that you have stolen my feelings about music...just kidding.
    actually i feel exactly the same and do the same things.
    Its really a very nice post.

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