Sitting on the platform

Waiting since long

The train delayed

Hours passed

Night fell

Spell of dense fog conceals

The distance to the tracks

The bright lights that glowed

Beamed dimmed in the cool dark night

An old woman with wrinkles

Watches me

Shivering with biting cold

Grinding my teeth

She lights the brazier

To warm my fingers

Numb with cold

Rubs my fingers

With her fragile hand

Soothing my body to the core.

An unusual gleam in her dark eyes

Compassion filled in her bosom

I was indebted

For her unconditional care

She replenished

That cannot be bought

For million bucks

Nor can be repaid with any amount of ransom.


I offered her a note of hundred

She declined

Blessing me with goodness & care.

My heart was

Filled with gratitude

Tears brimmed in my eyes


An unknown joy

Gripped me

In it’s embrace.

A thought provokes


Beautiful souls rule the earth

By their wisdom & care

Rising above

The petty strife of pennies.
© Ila Varma 07-01-2016



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