Greenery Reducing – Impact of Unnecessary Constructions


There were a time when we had greenery all over, tall trees
stood in line on both sides of the roads and the individual houses &
schools had sprawling garden and playgrounds. Gradually with the rise in
population and more and more people flocking to urban areas, the look of town
and cities underwent tremendous change….the reason that I cite.
Commercialization, people started thinking in terms of money. It’s true that
money is an important medium to lead a life with required comforts, but there
is no dearth of requirements or luxury. It’s a matter of choice.

The commercialisation set in, changing the face of towns
& cities. A good chunk of population expatriated to towns in search of jobs
& after settlement of jobs, families shifted, a considerable change in
family set up sprung. Joint families disintegrated and nuclear families emerged
and with it there was a huge spurt in demand of accommodation. All were

With a rise in demand of house on rent, people started expanding
their houses, homes transformed into flat style with 1, 2, or 3 BHK flats to accommodate
the people filling in the towns & cities. The change in the construction
fetched a reasonable amount of rent to the owners. In the beginning the people
with strong finances indulged in house remodelling to meet the demands of
market, but soon it spread like epidemic and the people who couldn’t bear the
brunt of investing huge amount in construction too indulged in remodelling of
the houses or fresh construction in open spaces of their houses in greed to
fetch rental income by taking home loans from banks or NBFC’s.

Within few years, the trees, plants and saplings were
uprooted and there stood constructions accommodating the emigrants from nearby
towns or interiors. In the whole process, some gained considerable amount of
money, an additional income and some paid back the EMI’s of loans.

Certainly, there was a gain but at the cost of losing
environment equilibrium. Proper ecosystem is a must for a healthy survival and
in course of massive construction, we lost the precious things of life, the direct impact was on nature’s creation.

I am not against expansion or construction but in a bid of
expansion, we forgot that many unwanted constructions cropped up because people concentration
was more on economic gains and did not bother for saving the creation of nature. We need oxygen
to survive, but we diminished the source of it. It wasn’t deliberate action but
we didn’t give a thought to it and the consequence was disastrous.

We lost beauty of greenery and missed the sight of peppy gardens with blooming flora, chirping sparrows, flying birds and butterflies and much more. The chirps of birds were no less than the rhythms of music, but we did not pay heed to it. Our
pockets are full with currencies and we are poorer by nature’s delights. I am
too one of the offenders who played with nature’s creation.

My heart went out in search of nature’s beauty and I vented
out the turmoil within through these lines.

    Greenery…Don’t end it up!!
Listen to the rhythm of the drizzles,
Striking free without any pain,
Drenching the heart of the Earth
With Music
Patches of greenery around.
The solacing aroma of this wet musky earth
Rejuvenates my Soul.

Pastures of greenery shrinking
The fauna & the flora
Even squalls
existence declines.
Disgorging the woods 
The people down here
Razing & Grazing
The Beauty of the Ground.
Nobody cares what may be impact
It’s just few articles and some touchy text
Has anybody ever
Thought of the depletion around
It might not take long
When there’s nothing left
Except barren grounds….
Oh my people
Just listen to me
 Care for the nature
   Care for the
Else the planet will lose its sheen.
© Ila Varma 28-01-2016

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