Happy Christmas & New Year Celebrations!!! #2017

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Four decades ago, in the absence of technology, television
or connectivity, “Christmas Celebrations” was a Greek word for wide population of India, few knew that it was the
festival of Christians community but people weren’t aware of the kinda of
celebrations and all , especially the kids.

I went to a convent school. In kindergarten days, we got one
month leave for winter vacations & Christmas…at that time, we didn’t paid
much heed to the celebrations of Christmas, we would be happy that we got leave
to be away from books n enjoy outdoor games under Sun.

Gradually as we grew up, we saw the celebrations from close
quarter in our school’s church and got involved with the celebrations.

From past one decade or more, the Christmas is widely
celebration and day by day, it’s on increasing mode with kids and families
celebrating by throwing parties in their vicinity, baking cakes, distributing chocolates to poor children n kids,
distributing flowers & gifts to disabled & cancer patients and the
dress, caps & masks of Santa is available at every nukkad and people throng
on with caps irrespective of age and sex.

The people who help the needy are the real Santa in the life
of needy.

When my kids were small, I baked the cake for them, bought
colourful balloons to decorate their room, prepared non-veg stuff of their
choice. They rejoiced with this small kitty.

But now I find people celebrating in a big way, it’s not on
religious ground much but as a celebration for the New Year which is ready to
usher in few days so the countdown begins from 25th Dec. every year
and the atmosphere is vibrant with fresh & positive energy and in festive
mood, that’s enough for a grand celebration.

Now my kids have grown my lap and settled out of town but still
I celebrate with the kids of my neighbourhood and find myself growing more
concerned about the celebrations. Actually, I’m a kind of person who loves to
share my happiness buy buying gifts for the kids, their innocent smiles sailing
on their faces gives me immense inner satisfaction which I can’t scribble, it
can be felt within and its quite soul satisfying.

We celebrated Christmas day with grandeur. The kids
decorated Christmas tree planted in our garden with colourful balls n stars and
even made Santa Claus with old used papers & scrap.

 I baked four cakes for all the people in our society. All ladies of the group helped me with the preparation and one of them tried her icing skills and it came out very well, not much as professionals in icing part but it was very spongy & tasty and the cake cutting was done by the kids of society.

Song & Dance competition was held, wherein
children of all age from 5 years to 18 took part and it was awesome to watch
them & competition was held girls versus boys but in last, we declared all
to be winners because all tried their best.

Few gave the performance with musical instruments & it
was flawless.

A get together lunch was organised with the monetary contribution
of all members and we dined together and had sumptuous meal finished by cake as
a sweet dish. All licked their fingers after savouring the sweet part.

I had bought Santa caps for the kids and in late evening,
even seniors wore the cap for a photo-shoot.

All the members of society distributed gifts like sweets,
stationary etc. to all the children, so the children were laden with many gifts
and in event of many, I cancelled my chocolate gift shifting to distribute on
New Year 2017.

The get together was quite entertaining and all had a great

This year Christmas 2016 will be etched in my memory till
next Christmas and my gifts embedded with my love and care, Santa caps & baked cakes brought smiles on the
faces of many and this made my day more beautiful & I will always cherish
these sweet moments of my life.
All the snaps are clicked by me & it belongs to varmaila.com

Story in 99 words!!!

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“Wow, great paintings. This painter’s painting has
depth in it, what’s his name?” Papa asked me.

“This is Ashwin, Papa. You like his paintings.”
Arjun asked Pa.
“Yes beta, I want to buy one of his paintings.”
Mr.Choudhary said.
“I will gift you on your coming B’day. Ashwin is pen
name of the painter and the painter is standing before you.” Arjun said.
“Where is he?” He asked.
“Papa,it’s me.”
“You never told us”
“You disliked.I secretly pursued and here I am.”
Arjun said.

“Sorry Arjun, I never saw beyond the painters painting
hoardings.” Tears of happiness welled up.

Impact of Virtual World! #AloneInWorldOfTechnology

Decades ago, our society had system of joint family and
extended family staying together or nearby & the real connections was
existent and people stood for one another in the times of merry as well as in
times of need and sorrow, so the joys multiplied and sorrows divide among
family and family. With the passage of time, people started shifting to urban
and the urbanization led to disintegration of family and friends and people
shifted to letter writing to share their emotional imbalances or joys.

Man been a social animal needs someone to vent out their

Gradually technology advanced and new forms of technology
came into vogue and the whole world shrunk & got connected in real time.

Technology proved to be a boon in professional arena and
life became easy as important day to day activities could be carried out at the
stroke of fingertips but it surpassed the human relationships.

I do agree that it has marred emotional surface. People
interact more frequently, are more connected with each other and well versed
with what is going in the life of the people connected, but is the reality near
to what we are watching on social media.

I believe reality is far from what we see, so we are
watching people with masks in virtual world. The real feelings can’t be put
into words as it reflects in status updates.

My take is that my life too is very much dependent on
connectivity and it is quite easy for me to get my things done, whether it is
the booking of the tickets to travel; banking; shopping; blogging etc. but for
real life, I am more connected with people in real world.
I have many friends from the social media and few I have
found sincere ones but we can’t rely on all to continue the relationship.

I love to post on Facebook, like other’s post and it’s
helpful to connect with people but the drawback is inbox chatting wherein many
hooligans & black sheep’s try to hinder the peace of mind by stalking.

What Sapp is helpful for professionals or to catch friends
but too much indulgence is wastage of precious time.

This technology are keeping us aloof from the real world. People
are more concerned of virtual world than the real world. People aren’t aware
what’s going inside the house or in neighborhood but poke their nose more
often on social media.

Maximum people are busy on their mobiles even in public
gatherings or social events, they hardly have time to greet each other & it’s
difficult for them to take their eyes off from their handsets. People of all
age are much busy on social world. I believe people have become crazy to follow
virtual world, which is non-existent and in the race of non-existent, people
are forgetting the things that exists in reality.

I too remain hooked on social media but for the sake of
getting my things done and for blogging. I practice not to carry smartphone on
the event of social gathering or event so that I can involve myself fully or
give my best to the world.

As a courtesy, I never hook up on social media when I have
guests or family members at my place.

It’s good to be connected but not at the sake of losing
relationships or friends nor go swayed by social media. Accept as a part of
life and give time to it as required.

Don’t be crazy, don’t overreact. Take it easy.

Real time conversations vent out one’s emotions, we learn many things by interaction, we can read each other feelings and the best thing is that with conversations, we enrich our vocabulary, gain confidence and improve our accent.

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One Single Life!!!

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One Single Life
We have
Drop the worries flat
That we have fed in hurry
Put an end
To chase the gone days
It will call more fury
Nor future we can foresee
What it holds for
Wean out
From the work of
building pressure

Over Tomorrow.
The pattern of worry
& hurry
Peace of mind
Start trusting in righteous
Bequeathing the
A beautiful surprise
Awaits at the door
Calling Us
On the eve of
New Year 2017.

Strike the keys of
Happiness & Smiles
To commence the year
New resolutions
Easy & elusive.

Some we follow
Some we drop
It feels to be
On cloud nine
Scribbling them
To take it further.

With few follow ups
We mend our ways
And by the years
We mature & be wise
Which takes us to fresh rise.

© Ila Varma 28 Dec.2016
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Why Mamma Scolds Me?


Aruna was taking a nap in afternoon after meals. Ria’s cry broke her slumber. She silently walked down the bed to see why Ria was crying. Ria was sobbing in one corner.

“What happened dear?” Granny enquired.

“Mamma beat me up. She doesn’t loves me, all the time she scolds me.” Ria told her.

“Don’t cry. Come on, let’s go in the garden. I will tell you a story.” Aruna consoled her.

It was afternoon of early winters and the mellow sunrays were soothing n the beautiful butterflies were hovering on the bloomed flowers.

Aruna took a seat and grabbed Ria in her arms.

“Look at the beautiful butterflies, they are as beautiful as you.” Aruna said to Ria

“Nanny, their Mamma don’t scold them. They freely roam hither n thither upon their choice.” Ria said & tears welled up in her eyes.

“All Mother’s scold their children to groom them better, even I used to scold your Mom & when she was of your age, she too said the same thing to her Nanny. Look, Mothers are god send angels to take care of the young children and show them right path. To make the kids learn good things, Mom has to be strict at times and even Mom’s heart cries out when her child cries. Ria, it’s not only you alone that are been scolded or beaten when you don’t listen or is adamant to not to listen to elders.” Aruna explained her in simple terms.

“Mamma too got beating & scolding?” Ria asked Aruna.

“Yes, when she was a child.” Aruna said.

A sly smile pursed on Ria’s lips and she felt lighter.

“Thank you Nanny. My all grudges are gone now. I had developed many ill feelings towards Mamma & day by day, I was getting rigid. Now, I have understood the fact & now onwards, I will try to listen to her.” Ria said and she wrapped her small arms around her Nanny.

“God bless you, my child. You are wonderful.”

Ria’s mother, Shelley found subtle changes in Ria, she behaved well and tried to follow what she asked and Aruna informed her about her interaction with Ria.

Shelley kissed her Mom, Aruna.

Photo prompt written by Ila Varma Dec.2016.

Normal complaint of children towards their Mother, Why Mamma scold me?

I have tried to justify as per my notions.

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Three Word Wednesday!!!


The Demonetization in India left the people wakeful. When, it was initially announced opposition party tried to crunch the idea but the efforts of all went in vain and the unacceptable idea got widely accepted, when common man realized the true picture ahead.

By Ila Varma Dec. 2016.

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