Saturday, December 19, 2015

Stand to Protect Yourself from Sexual Violence #KnowYourRights

To start the day with the news of violence,I just hate to go through the newspapers in the early hours of morning, it perturbs me to the core. It rips my heart and series of questions erupts in my mind, Is this right, Are we getting educated for this day etc. etc.????? 

The educated masses are acting like rustics, better were the times when few were educated.People have gained knowledge and have become money minting machines & the moral values have declined to such a level that the female population modesty is on stake.
Crime of any type is a threat to society but the sexual violence tops the list because the scars of trauma stays with the victim for long or throughout life and jeopardizes her life, so the main concern is the safety of women in society.

The cases of sexual violence mostly goes unreported because of many factors, primarily social stigma and non-belief in police department. The victims are mishandled at some police stations and they don’t take interest in filing the report. The culprits roam freely in society and confidently indulges in repetitive crime. Many times, the culprits work under the influential people of society who shield their misdeeds and the consequence is the deep instilled fear in the woman community and many victims who are not capable of bearing mental and physical trauma end their life silently.

I can feel the gruesome pain that the victims endure but still we need to stand against it to safeguard the women of our society and for this, one has to take a step forward and initiate a complaint against the offenders and stand for it in spite of society pressures. I know it’s easy to preach but not easy to implement but this is the demand of the hour to curb sexual violence and offenses.

1. All types of sexual violence should be reported within 24 hours of the offense so that the offenders don’t get time to flee from the place and the help of family members, friends, neighbors or well-wishers should be taken to bring the matter to police and the concerned authorities. If it is reported on time then the culprit can be nabbed on time and it will certainly bring down the numbers of sexual violence.
2. If the matter is delayed then the facts are also destroyed with the time lapses and the medical authorities and police concerns cannot work coherently and even legal proceedings would not initiate in absence of facts and proofs.
3. Timely action initiative can only help to curb the cases of sexual abuses, it will instill fear in the minds of evil doers and they will think twice before committing such heinous crimes. The women is known for her power of courage and tolerance and she should come forward to initiate action against the offenders.

Amnesty International has launched a campaign #Know Your Rights, it is an educational program and its focus is on educating the masses of their basic rights through digital and physical channels which fosters confidence and protects one’s self esteem. It is an educational program which teaches people how to take action, report cases. As per their survey, 99% cases goes unreported. They have launched campaign from Bangalore, India and are gradually spreading their wings to other parts of India with a mission to educate the masses to check the alarming rise in sexual violence cases and to bring maximum cases under law preview so that the offenders are booked under law. This noble cause will certainly bring wonder in the lives of women of our society. I heartily appreciate their initiative.
To know more about Amnesty International campaign #Know YourRights,

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Take a look at this video and it will be easier for you to report cases. Just have a look #Know Your Rights

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  1. This is a worthy initiative and i wish Amnesty Intl. luck with their efforts.
    It is very hard to get justice in India and you have aptly mentioned how we can tackle the mess!

    1. Thanks a lot Alok. Hope Amnesty's initiative help the masses and can bring a change in society.