Amnesty International has come up with the campaign to educate the women of their rights by the aid of physical and digital mode of communication and to make them aware of the ways to exercise their rights in the need of the hour. This campaign has started from Bangalore and is gradually expanding to other parts of India to safeguard the females of our society, who are the most affected by eve teasing, rapes, sexual and physical assault, torture, acid attacks and killing.

The assaults are increasing day by day and is a threat to woman of today, the consequences are intriguing and manifold. The matters are not reported and as per the survey, only one percent of the cases are reported and the rest 99% matters are hushed up behind the curtains under the fear of getting identified in society and bad name. The most amazing fact is that when the people come to know of the issues of sexual violence, they put all the blame on the fairer sex ignoring the doer of the crime and the culprits continues to indulge in this shameful act without any fear. I feel that this is one of the prime reasons for the rise in crimes against women.

The fairer sex is blamed for their dressing styles and ways of representing themselves in public. The crime is on such a spree that even toddlers and infants are not spared nor the elderly women. The violence is not only on the public places, many cases crop up within the four walls of home by the kith’s & kin’s of the family, close friends and neighbours. Many cases come of elderly men engaged in such shameful acts and when caught, all the blame is inferred on to the poor women. These tall claims are all false and are gender biased. The scars of sexual assault remains for long and sometimes many cannot come out of this fear throughout the life.

The burning case of Nirbhaya who was brutally raped & assaulted and she succumbed, wherein the revolt and pressure was from all corners of the country for punishing the culprits & giving her justice.  The recent verdict of the court has once again proved that justice is not easy to attain in our country and it reflects the mockery of our legal proceedings in our country. How can the guy be set free who assaulted Nirbhaya in a beastly manner under the excuse of juvenile convict. What justice can one expect in a country where the beast is freed from the law? We can’t rely on such laws of the country, it’s better to learn the ways of self-defence to defend oneself in worst situations. The case of Nirbhaya was spine chilling, the news shivered the nation but she could not get justice posthumously.


To stop the atrocities against women, women power should be united to fight for their rights to curb the existing violence. The three ways to speak out against the atrocities towards female populace.

  1. Be bold and instantly oppose to any advances whether it’s verbal, physical or any kind of favour asked for. Don’t be afraid of the consequences or ill name in society. One has the right to live life on their own terms and are not subjected to undergo any kind of abuse. The culprit is always a culprit whosoever he is, forget the relations if he comes under any and the act calls for punishment.
  2. The parents, families, friends etc. should encourage to report the matters to the concerned authorities and never try to shield the matter. The reason for rising cases of sexual violence is just because majority of the cases goes unreported which boosts the confidence of the offenders and they attack more often, because they know they won’t be caught under the law. Never hush up the matter rather face the situation boldly and openly so that the face of culprit is recognised in the society and people are spared from those wild people.
  3. The concerned authorities of police, eminent social figures, lawyers and local public should cooperate with the victim and try to help them in the best possible way to reduce sexual violence in society and the persistent efforts by all will eradicate in the coming years.



The efforts of Amnesty International will certainly bring in fruitful result and the people who are ignorant of the laws or filing FIR will be updated and timely action can be taken against the offenders. It is an autonomous body and the cooperation from the people of our society will help this campaign to grow and eradicate the existing evil of our society and it will even change the outlook of the masses towards sexual violence against women.

To know more about Amnesty International, do visit the undermentioned link.

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