Friday, December 11, 2015

Responsible Tourism

We all love to visit beautiful destinations during vacations, planned or unplanned. Unplanned ones are generally during weekends, when we just drive out with family and friends at nearby spot for a change or for partying. Planned ones are better for long tour, we get time to spend with our family and children and it's after effect is wonderful, it breaks the monotony of life and brings the members closer. In today's fast forward life, people don't get enough time to spend with family, parents, kids or friends and so it is a must to take time out for personal life and enjoy life. It rejuvenates our mind and soul and it's a great stress buster.

 It isn't necessary that you go for an expensive trip, it should be so organised that it is comfortable to one's pocket else instead of a stress buster, it will be the stress booster. A planned long distance travel with family and friends is far better than unplanned ones, because when you are moving out of the safe zone of your home, few things should be taken into stride.

1. Know the place that you are planning to visit so that you are well accustomed with the important spots to be visited, it's routes, possible conveyance availability, duration of journey, this is the most important one especially if you are travelling with small kids or elderly people and the spots where one can break the journey for rest and lunch. Thanks to the advancement of technology, Google is the best & is of immense help in this regard and you can enjoy the journey smiling.

2. Be conversant with local language & cuisine especially if you are travelling to faraway places in own country or abroad. English language is the most common spoken language but still there are places where people aren't conversant with this English tool, so read the details of the places that is in your itinerary and keep yourself updated and if still you find difficult, try to hire a local guide who can help you in this regard and make your journey awesome. Similarly, research about the local cuisine and plan your trip accordingly. If you are rigid in your diet habits, carry few things of your choice so that you don't starve.

3. Try to take local conveyance available in the place of your itinerary, it will be easy on your pockets and even help you in tracing the places or spots of visit, so it will save your time and energy.

4. Don't litter the places and don't throw garbage on roads or parks. Park the garbage items in the provided dustbins. Take care not to urinate at public places. No one likes littered or dirty places but people throw the items used by them hither n thither. If each and every people local or tourist takes care then the destinations or spots would be clean. Take care not to carve names or initials on the public property or on trees.

5. One of the most important thing to be take care rigidly, is never believe any strangers. They can pose problem to life and property. However good the people are in their behaviour, don't trust them and don't show that you are offended. Maintain a proper distance and be alert.

 If these few things are taken care of then you are bound to enjoy the journey and in every vacation, you will look forward to visit new places, meet new people and interact with the beauty of nature. An enjoyable journey will add freshness in your mind and body and even the strings of relationships marred in busy life will be smoothen in the vacations with your loved ones.

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