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                             “The child is father of the man” – William Wordsworth

Education is the indispensable part of a society and it plays a great part in moulding the innocent and untamed minds giving it a better shape in a rightful manner. Our country, India has progressed in the arena of education; still it has to go a long way to educate the masses. The literacy rate of urban India has raised high in the years, even the rural areas have progressed, but still the roots of it have not penetrated much in the rural areas, and few still remains untouched.

“You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.” ― Brigham Young

India, being a patriarchal society primarily focused on imparting education to boys, believing that the breadwinners of the families need to be educated and the girl’s lot was ignored and were not given a chance to attend school.
The sadistic part was the belief that the people held for the Girl Child. She was confined in the four walls of the house, taking care household work. With the advancement, the mindset of the people changed and the parents realized the importance of studies & encouraged their child, irrespective of gender  to study & were enrolled in schools , a step toward a healthy society. It is true that if females are educated, their contribution is immense in all spheres of life, managing the house, kids and savings and all and are more understanding, so the society is too benefited.

        “Knowledge is not bound to any gender; it is a tool to progress in life in all dimensions.”

The people understood the importance and readily sent their children to schools. But, the lack of basic infrastructure & amenities, toilets, access to water & unhygienic conditions discouraged the children to attend the classes, resulting in long absenteeism and major dropping out of school.
Education is not confined to books and mind, it is an all-round development of a personality inculcating healthy habit, and lifestyle and it can take place in a healthy and conducive environment.
The major chunk of the populace, who suffered from the lack of infrastructure, sanitation and basic amenities were the Girl Child. She faced difficulties in coping up with her education in lack of basic amenities and she chose to give up her dream to educate herself, especially at the stage of puberty.
The girl child has to ascertain her safety and dignity at the age of adolescence and in the absence of separate toilets for girls and boys, the schools were unsafe place to dwell and accommodate her. The conditions were pathetic, mostly in rural areas of both, and the girls were the most affected.
The social groups surveyed and discovered the reason for low attendance at school, mostly in rural areas. To tackle the problem, Coca-Cola and NDTV launched the public service campaign, “’Support My School’ (SMS)”  with UN-Habitat, Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) and other partners to spread awareness on the importance of education in a conducive environment.

Support My School is a WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) is taking up Mission 1000, to revitalize 1000 schools to improve basic amenities in government schools in the country. This campaign is around spreading awareness on the importance of education and the program run by Coca-ColaNDTV and other NGO partners and is in line with the Swacchh Bharat vision, which too aims in “Clean India”, keeping the environment clean and green, building separate toilets for boys and girls, improving basic amenities at schools and public places. Both these missions appear to be great and it may provide healthy &  a clean environment at school improving the attendance at school.

The key areas of the Support My School campaign are as under:

  • Access to Toilets for students, especially for girls
  • Access to water
  • Access to sports
  • Library/Rainwater Harvesting
  • Environmental Upkeep
  • Additional impact elements were added with the help of partners
Support My School campaign has created  awareness about the conditions of schools in these areas, fostering a private-public partnership where corporate organizations step in to reinstall basic facilities in these government run schools and making a positive difference to the lives of these children. Many institutions, NGO’s,celebrities and eminent citizens of India have joined hands in this campaign with huge donations, pledging their services and all sorts of help to make the campaign worth.
The impact is strong & immense and has seen increased enrolment in schools from 6.95% (2013-14) to 14.77% (2014-15).
To know more about this campaign and be updated with the recent developments of the campaign, please visit the following links.

Responsible Tourism

We all love to visit beautiful destinations during
vacations, planned or unplanned. Unplanned ones are generally during weekends,
when we just drive out with family and friends at nearby spot for a change or
for partying. Planned ones are better for long tour, we get time to spend with
our family and children and it’s after effect is wonderful, it breaks the
monotony of life and brings the members closer. In today’s fast forward life, people
don’t get enough time to spend with family, parents, kids or friends and so it
is a must to take time out for personal life and enjoy life. It rejuvenates our
mind and soul and it’s a great stress buster.

 It isn’t necessary that you go for an expensive trip, it
should be so organised that it is comfortable to one’s pocket else instead of a
stress buster, it will be the stress booster. A planned long distance travel
with family and friends is far better than unplanned ones, because when you are
moving out of the safe zone of your home, few things should be taken into

1. Know the place that you are planning to visit so that you
are well accustomed with the important spots to be visited, it’s routes,
possible conveyance availability, duration of journey, this is the most
important one especially if you are travelling with small kids or elderly
people and the spots where one can break the journey for rest and lunch. Thanks
to the advancement of technology, Google is the best & is of immense help in
this regard and you can enjoy the journey smiling.

2. Be conversant with local language & cuisine
especially if you are travelling to faraway places in own country or abroad.
English language is the most common spoken language but still there are places
where people aren’t conversant with this English tool, so read the details of
the places that is in your itinerary and keep yourself updated and if still you
find difficult, try to hire a local guide who can help you in this regard and
make your journey awesome. Similarly, research about the local cuisine and plan
your trip accordingly. If you are rigid in your diet habits, carry few things
of your choice so that you don’t starve.

3. Try to take local conveyance available in the place of
your itinerary, it will be easy on your pockets and even help you in tracing
the places or spots of visit, so it will save your time and energy.

4. Don’t litter the places and don’t throw garbage on roads
or parks. Park the garbage items in the provided dustbins. Take care not to
urinate at public places. No one likes littered or dirty places but people
throw the items used by them hither n thither. If each and every people local
or tourist takes care then the destinations or spots would be clean. Take care
not to carve names or initials on the public property or on trees.

5. One of the most important thing to be take care rigidly,
is never believe any strangers. They can pose problem to life and property.
However good the people are in their behaviour, don’t trust them and don’t show
that you are offended. Maintain a proper distance and be alert.

 If these few things are taken care of then you are bound to
enjoy the journey and in every vacation, you will look forward to visit new
places, meet new people and interact with the beauty of nature. An enjoyable
journey will add freshness in your mind and body and even the strings of
relationships marred in busy life will be smoothen in the vacations
with your loved ones.

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Dear Maa

Dear Maa,

Looking at the pictures of yesterday,

I realize how much things around me have changed,

Almost everything around has taken a stroll and went away,

But the only thing that remained is you,

Starting from a toddler when you held my little finger and taught me to walk,

Reading those alphabets loud for me at school so that I could learn to talk,

Each moment I kept growing under you like a little plant in the shade of a tree,

And when time was right,

you left me in the open so that I could learn the world,

You gave me ample support and time when I used to crib when there was nothing to worry,

Tears rolled out of your eyes when I got my first job,

You kept me believing there was more to come,

I realized how much it meant to you and promised you ll remain my first priority for life,

A New Journey started when I had to grow independent,

You remained quiet, observing me from a distance,

How was I managing, was I doing well enough,

I ran into troubles, and you kept supporting me that I will do well enough soon,

And with your blessings, I did..

But something within had changed,

the troubles took a part of me with them away,

My innocence seemed over, and I too like others,

had become the same, I wanted to do everything like the old times,

but unlike earlier, I wanted it for me first..

My Anger which was too frequent in childhood, seemed to have gone,

but in the midst it arrived back again..

Today, I give you pain,

I behave ungrateful,

I seek answers,

I suggest too many things,

Forgetting how much pain you endured for I could be happy and safe,

Time seems to have made me travel some distance far away,

I do not know where I am,

but I only know,

when in this busy world, I am on my own alone,

I remember you and wish for you,

I look at your pictures and tears roll out of my eyes..

I do not wish that every time I come near, I ask you wrong again,

I do not wish that every time I come near, I end up hurting you again,

But I only know I wish you to be happy with where I am,

Coz wherever I am, and whatever I do,

I might fall umpteen times, but I want to stand on my own,

I feel belittled when I have to look up and ask for help in my pain,

I want you to give me the same freedom,

so that I can flap my stiff wings and try to fly again,

My Anger, My Stress, My Worries will be gone,

if you just make me believe that you are there for me,

But not so worried, that my pain hurts you !!

I only wish good things, I only want good things,

I am still young , and still growing,

If I will have a day, when I want to run back to you and hide in your arms,

I will,

but till then I do,

I wish for you happiness and health.

You are the core of my life,

And before I love anyone else, I want to let you know,

I have loved you more than anyone else in this world,

And it hurts me more, when I see your pain,

It irks me, it irritates me why it is you who has to face the damp rain,

Don’t let that change the mother I have known,

The Strong woman who has stood by all the pain,

I may not contribute much today as I am still learning the earning game,

But when I stand tall and strong,

there shall be nothing you wish and you will not have the same..

Truly Yours Forever,
Your Son.
© Ila Varma 09/12/2015





बनती  बनती, बात बिगङ गई

काश,  मैं जल्दीबाजी न करती

बुनने में, रिश्तों के महीन धागे।

© इला वर्मा 05/12/2015

The Flame


The Flame

Glowed Bright
Withstanding The Ravages of Time
Extinguishing Itself till the Last Drop
Igniting & Warming Houses of all
Spreading the message
of Hope, Love & Happiness.

© Ila Varma 05/12/2015

The Strings of Love

It is The Day to Celebrate
I, today complete 365 days
knowing you.
It is the Day, Today
I met U in Silence
I handed the fragile emotions
stirring in Me
In your safe & strong hands
I saw myself smiling with
I found solace in your
arms that circled 
I accepted you, choosing my
soul mate
In the depth of profound
I was dumb
I was naive
I lost my heart, missed a
I was surprised, awestruck
In Silence, the unsaid
emotions shared
I gazed,amazed
In Solitude, I heard your
voices echoing
In my lap, lied the
profound essence of admiration
In my dreams, your images
flashed questioning me the changes
I watched innocently with
my lips tight
I started loving you,
adoring you
I developed deeper
feelings, my heart quipped
I saw trust
In you, faith building up
I curled my eyes, seeing
you smile
I was stunned, bewitched
I believed, you will be
there always
I trusted, you resisted
I insisted, you restrained
In misunderstandings, we
drifted apart
I tried to reach you, you
reacted strange
I continued my persistence
I was awarded, you
recognized my efforts
I brought you back in my
life, binding you
In the strings of my love,
my love rebounded
I have lest in my share,
yet I am contended
I continue to live
happily, with the memories of you reconnected
I want you to be in my
In my dreams & desires
In anticipation to meet
you soon sharing a cup of coffee
I roll my eyes and I say
I love you even more
I watch your reaction,

I smile and you grin from
ear to ear.

© Ila Varma 05/12/2015

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Live For Others

                                             Spreading Hope, Light
& Happiness,
                                                             Extinguishes Itself,

                                                       Igniting The Life of Others.

© Ila Varma 05/12/2015

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