It’s Okay

A faith in unseen
Made me believe
One day
All will be fine & Okay.

I started off my journey of life.
Opened my eyes
In orphanage
Where they fed me with milk
But couldn’t rejoice
The joys of nibbling my mother’s breast.
The days of infancy
Passed in the prams
Devoid of the arms of mother’s love
And her sweet lullabies
Cuddling me in her warmth.

Still a dream
Sailed in my eyes
One day
All will be fine & Ok.

I grew into a submissive lad
A blank look adorned my face
I worked hard
Pushing my capabilities
To reach the spot
Where I could top
Showcasing my performance
To the world.
With my undying abilities.

Accomplished my dream
A smile of conquer
Pursed on my lips
Stood tall
Out of fear
Nurtured a dream
One day
all will be fine & Okay.
Fell in love
With a beautiful face
Losing my heart forever.
Desires twinkled in my eyes
To make her mine forever
My life
Bereft of mother’s affection
Craved & tempted for a caress of love.

She loved freedom
I was a time pass
She was a mirage
In my arid life
Running miles after
I realized
I bruised my soul
She was nowhere near.

I cried in pain
My soul gripped in fear
Once again
I was lost & alone.

Gathered courage
To face the Lord
Hanging on the cross
Stepped in church
I lashed & thrashed
With innumerable queries
Bottled in for long.

My voices echoed amidst
Pin drop silence
Waves of echoes healed
My bruised heart.

Realization set in
The man
Who dawned on the Earth
To save mankind
Was crucified
What strength do I have in.

I apologized to the faith unseen
Accepting the fact
I am fine
Many lives were deprived on this earth
At least
I am fit and stable

It’s Okay, Its Still Okay!

© Ila Varma 23/12/2015

Edition 96

अंधा कानून


कानून बंद रह गये,

मोटी किताबों में।

शर्मशार हुए सब,

कानून के फैसले से,

आहत किया,

झकझोर दिया, अंतरमन

एक ही प्रश्न मन में उपजे,


कैसे सुरक्षित करे हम

अपनी बेटियों को

जो हमारी बगिया की

आन और शान।।

जमाने के ठेकेदारें से

जो लिप्त हैं,

ईमान की निलामी में,


© इला वर्मा 22/12/2015

(The thought shared after the court verdict who freed the monster of Nirbhaya’s case on the pretext of juvenile, though his acts weren’t in a category of juvenile. The laws has too many loop holes and need to be amended with time.)




“Don’t hesitate, I am there to help you”

Filled with fear
Eyes with tears
Lonely self was waiting
To meet someone dear.

She was in great pain
She could move or hold
The limbs cold & numb
The countless
Lab tests
Medicine strips
Files of prescription
Laid near.
Disease progressed
Disabling her completely
She needed help
To manage her minimum chore.
She sat Silently
Constricted in a small space
Wondering & pondering
Why always she was chosen
To suffer & grieve?
She knew to manage her mood
None could decipher
Her inner conflict
Which was always at loggerheads
With her mind & body
But she smiled through.

At times
Fear gripped her
She was shaken & stirred
Will she able to amble again?

Strong will & confidence
Were her jewels
To fight the battle
Of life
With great wisdom.

His strong hands
Supported her
With firmness
Aligning her
Encouraging her
To stand
Overcoming pain & fear.

The tasks weren’t easy
His patience & care
Worked on 
Bringing subtle changes.

The few words of appreciation
Acted as a balm on the tattered soul
He challenged & promised
To resolve my shortcomings.

“Don’t hesitate, I am there to help you”
These words 
were no less than music
It rang in my ears
To continue the strife
With life.

Soon I excelled
In limping back to normal
The persistent efforts

Resolved my disorder.

His words were sweet
And it’s tune
Rang in my ears
The sunshine was back in life.

© Ila Varma 21/12/2015

Indeed, It was Music to Their Ears

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Everyone loves children and irrespective of their complexion
and features, all children look cute & beautiful and we want to cuddle them
close and it gives altogether a different kind of satisfaction and we are
soaked in the sea of happiness. For this, you don’t need to be a parent. The
innocence of the children steals our heart. But never ever knew that the pain
of been childless couple can be so painful or depressing.

My sister-in-law Dolly was happily married and well adapted
in her new home and regarded herself lucky to be blessed with wonderful in-laws
and hubby. The glow of happiness reflected on her face and she was enjoying her
life. But the happiness was short-lived and she realized that she was missing
chance of been blessed with motherhood. As the years rolled by, Dolly and her
husband Deepak coiled in their shell and avoided social gatherings or parties
as many people unknowingly inquired about kids & they got hurt. They felt
their life incomplete in absence of a child and both were depressed. They got
themselves thoroughly examined and surprisingly all the tests were normal and
still could not conceive.

Seeing them suffer in bouts of depression, I realized the
importance of a child in one’s life. I was very close to Dolly and accompanied
her for the lab tests and doctor’s visit but none came to her rescue. The face
that radiated happiness was blank and they suffered in silence. They cursed
their fate. Seven years passed still they were childless. In the meantime, they
tried all sorts of remedies to get out from the tag of childless couple.
Visiting doctors suggested by relatives and well-wishers,
bowing their head at the temples, alternative medicine and whatsoever people
suggested, they followed religiously. But no respite and I watched their
suffering from close angles.

One day, I mustered courage and discussed with them that why
they were spoiling their life instead of enjoying the bliss of life. They said
in unison that they found themselves aloof at social gatherings or neighbors
where the parents or the couples’ subject of discussion was their kids and they
don’t have anything to talk about, so they avoided people. That day I realized
how we take the kids for granted because we get them easily and then we pose
the choice of gender and the people who aren’t blessed just yearn for a child
and their hearts long to hear the cute cries of a child.

After eight years, Dolly missed her periods and the prega
test was positive. After going through lot of complications of lab tests and
mental trauma, the almighty had heard their prayers. Yet, she could not believe
her eyes showing the changes on prega test and rushed to her doctor. The doctor
confirmed the news and congratulated her heartily.
“Congratulations Dolly, you have conceived and you are
absolutely fine. God bless you” These words of her doctor was a music to her
ears, it was not music for her only, it was for all of us and it ringed in our
ears and with it, it brought back the happiness in the life of Dolly &
Deepak and her face radiated with happiness.

Deepak threw a party to celebrate the occasion and we all
enjoyed the bash. Dolly was blessed with a male child and gradually their life
limped back to normal and they were found at most of the social gatherings
enjoying the bliss of parenting and now they had innumerable stories to tell or
boast in public.

I was happy for them and thanked god profusely for gifting
the couple with the share of their happiness that they deserved.

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Speak Out #Know Your Rights



Amnesty International has come up with the campaign to educate the women of their rights by the aid of physical and digital mode of communication and to make them aware of the ways to exercise their rights in the need of the hour. This campaign has started from Bangalore and is gradually expanding to other parts of India to safeguard the females of our society, who are the most affected by eve teasing, rapes, sexual and physical assault, torture, acid attacks and killing.

The assaults are increasing day by day and is a threat to woman of today, the consequences are intriguing and manifold. The matters are not reported and as per the survey, only one percent of the cases are reported and the rest 99% matters are hushed up behind the curtains under the fear of getting identified in society and bad name. The most amazing fact is that when the people come to know of the issues of sexual violence, they put all the blame on the fairer sex ignoring the doer of the crime and the culprits continues to indulge in this shameful act without any fear. I feel that this is one of the prime reasons for the rise in crimes against women.

The fairer sex is blamed for their dressing styles and ways of representing themselves in public. The crime is on such a spree that even toddlers and infants are not spared nor the elderly women. The violence is not only on the public places, many cases crop up within the four walls of home by the kith’s & kin’s of the family, close friends and neighbours. Many cases come of elderly men engaged in such shameful acts and when caught, all the blame is inferred on to the poor women. These tall claims are all false and are gender biased. The scars of sexual assault remains for long and sometimes many cannot come out of this fear throughout the life.

The burning case of Nirbhaya who was brutally raped & assaulted and she succumbed, wherein the revolt and pressure was from all corners of the country for punishing the culprits & giving her justice.  The recent verdict of the court has once again proved that justice is not easy to attain in our country and it reflects the mockery of our legal proceedings in our country. How can the guy be set free who assaulted Nirbhaya in a beastly manner under the excuse of juvenile convict. What justice can one expect in a country where the beast is freed from the law? We can’t rely on such laws of the country, it’s better to learn the ways of self-defence to defend oneself in worst situations. The case of Nirbhaya was spine chilling, the news shivered the nation but she could not get justice posthumously.


To stop the atrocities against women, women power should be united to fight for their rights to curb the existing violence. The three ways to speak out against the atrocities towards female populace.

  1. Be bold and instantly oppose to any advances whether it’s verbal, physical or any kind of favour asked for. Don’t be afraid of the consequences or ill name in society. One has the right to live life on their own terms and are not subjected to undergo any kind of abuse. The culprit is always a culprit whosoever he is, forget the relations if he comes under any and the act calls for punishment.
  2. The parents, families, friends etc. should encourage to report the matters to the concerned authorities and never try to shield the matter. The reason for rising cases of sexual violence is just because majority of the cases goes unreported which boosts the confidence of the offenders and they attack more often, because they know they won’t be caught under the law. Never hush up the matter rather face the situation boldly and openly so that the face of culprit is recognised in the society and people are spared from those wild people.
  3. The concerned authorities of police, eminent social figures, lawyers and local public should cooperate with the victim and try to help them in the best possible way to reduce sexual violence in society and the persistent efforts by all will eradicate in the coming years.



The efforts of Amnesty International will certainly bring in fruitful result and the people who are ignorant of the laws or filing FIR will be updated and timely action can be taken against the offenders. It is an autonomous body and the cooperation from the people of our society will help this campaign to grow and eradicate the existing evil of our society and it will even change the outlook of the masses towards sexual violence against women.

To know more about Amnesty International, do visit the undermentioned link.

“I’m writing this blog post to support Amnesty International’s#KnowYourRights campaign at BlogAdda. You can also contribute to the cause by donating or spreading the word.”


Stand to Protect Yourself from Sexual Violence #KnowYourRights

To start the day with the news of violence,I just
hate to go through the newspapers in the early hours of morning, it perturbs me to the core. It rips my heart and series of questions
erupts in my mind, Is this right, Are we getting educated for this day etc.

The educated masses are acting like rustics, better were the times when
few were educated.People have gained knowledge and have become money minting
machines & the moral values have declined to such a level that the female
population modesty is on stake.
Crime of any type is a threat to society but the sexual
violence tops the list because the scars of trauma stays with the victim for
long or throughout life and jeopardizes her life, so the main concern is the
safety of women in society.
The cases of sexual violence mostly goes unreported because
of many factors, primarily social stigma and non-belief in police department.
The victims are mishandled at some police stations and they don’t take interest
in filing the report. The culprits roam freely in society and confidently
indulges in repetitive crime. Many times, the culprits work under the
influential people of society who shield their misdeeds and the consequence is
the deep instilled fear in the woman community and many victims who are not
capable of bearing mental and physical trauma end their life silently.
I can feel the gruesome pain that the victims endure but
still we need to stand against it to safeguard the women of our society and for
this, one has to take a step forward and initiate a complaint against the
offenders and stand for it in spite of society pressures. I know it’s easy to
preach but not easy to implement but this is the demand of the hour to curb
sexual violence and offenses.
1. All types of sexual violence should be reported within 24
hours of the offense so that the offenders don’t get time to flee from the
place and the help of family members, friends, neighbors or well-wishers should
be taken to bring the matter to police and the concerned authorities. If it is
reported on time then the culprit can be nabbed on time and it will certainly
bring down the numbers of sexual violence.
2. If the matter is delayed then the facts are also
destroyed with the time lapses and the medical authorities and police concerns
cannot work coherently and even legal proceedings would not initiate in absence
of facts and proofs.
3. Timely action initiative can only help to curb the cases
of sexual abuses, it will instill fear in the minds of evil doers and they will
think twice before committing such heinous crimes. The women is known for her
power of courage and tolerance and she should come forward to initiate action
against the offenders.
Amnesty International has launched a campaign #Know Your
Rights, it is an educational program and its focus is on educating the masses
of their basic rights through digital and physical channels which fosters
confidence and protects one’s self esteem. It is an educational program which
teaches people how to take action, report cases. As per their survey, 99% cases
goes unreported. They have launched campaign from Bangalore, India and are
gradually spreading their wings to other parts of India with a mission to
educate the masses to check the alarming rise in sexual violence cases and to
bring maximum cases under law preview so that the offenders are booked under
law. This noble cause will certainly bring wonder in the lives of women of our
society. I heartily appreciate their initiative.
To know more about Amnesty International campaign #Know
Visit the link:

Take a look at this video and it will be easier for you to
report cases. Just have a look #Know Your Rights
“I’m writing this blog post to support Amnesty International’s#KnowYourRights campaign at BlogAdda. You can also contribute to the cause by donating or spreading the word.”

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