My Wish List For Santa

Wishes are many and endless
Which keeps me going
Chasing me in and out
From turbulence of life.

Dear Santa,
Banish my troubles
Accolade me with
Delicacies of life
Glide me into the hours
Where I can attain
Without pretense
Peeling out the masks
That conceals me.
I could slide on the snow
My favorite songs
Playing loud
In the background
Voices echoing
In the valleys.
I could watch
The sight
Of bright sunny lights
Shimmering & glistening
On the snow-capped peaks.
My wishes are
Simple & true
Cheap & Best
If I am really
With the bounties of Nature
I will be one of the
Happiest Soul.
Bless me with good health & vigor
To make my dreams come true.

© Ila Varma 29/12/2015

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