A faith in unseen
Made me believe
One day
All will be fine & Okay.

I started off my journey of life.
Opened my eyes
In orphanage
Where they fed me with milk
But couldn’t rejoice
The joys of nibbling my mother’s breast.
The days of infancy
Passed in the prams
Devoid of the arms of mother’s love
And her sweet lullabies
Cuddling me in her warmth.

Still a dream
Sailed in my eyes
One day
All will be fine & Ok.

I grew into a submissive lad
A blank look adorned my face
I worked hard
Pushing my capabilities
To reach the spot
Where I could top
Showcasing my performance
To the world.
With my undying abilities.

Accomplished my dream
A smile of conquer
Pursed on my lips
Stood tall
Out of fear
Nurtured a dream
One day
all will be fine & Okay.
Fell in love
With a beautiful face
Losing my heart forever.
Desires twinkled in my eyes
To make her mine forever
My life
Bereft of mother’s affection
Craved & tempted for a caress of love.

She loved freedom
I was a time pass
She was a mirage
In my arid life
Running miles after
I realized
I bruised my soul
She was nowhere near.

I cried in pain
My soul gripped in fear
Once again
I was lost & alone.

Gathered courage
To face the Lord
Hanging on the cross
Stepped in church
I lashed & thrashed
With innumerable queries
Bottled in for long.

My voices echoed amidst
Pin drop silence
Waves of echoes healed
My bruised heart.

Realization set in
The man
Who dawned on the Earth
To save mankind
Was crucified
What strength do I have in.

I apologized to the faith unseen
Accepting the fact
I am fine
Many lives were deprived on this earth
At least
I am fit and stable

It’s Okay, Its Still Okay!

© Ila Varma 23/12/2015

Edition 96


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