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Everyone loves children and irrespective of their complexion
and features, all children look cute & beautiful and we want to cuddle them
close and it gives altogether a different kind of satisfaction and we are
soaked in the sea of happiness. For this, you don’t need to be a parent. The
innocence of the children steals our heart. But never ever knew that the pain
of been childless couple can be so painful or depressing.

My sister-in-law Dolly was happily married and well adapted
in her new home and regarded herself lucky to be blessed with wonderful in-laws
and hubby. The glow of happiness reflected on her face and she was enjoying her
life. But the happiness was short-lived and she realized that she was missing
chance of been blessed with motherhood. As the years rolled by, Dolly and her
husband Deepak coiled in their shell and avoided social gatherings or parties
as many people unknowingly inquired about kids & they got hurt. They felt
their life incomplete in absence of a child and both were depressed. They got
themselves thoroughly examined and surprisingly all the tests were normal and
still could not conceive.

Seeing them suffer in bouts of depression, I realized the
importance of a child in one’s life. I was very close to Dolly and accompanied
her for the lab tests and doctor’s visit but none came to her rescue. The face
that radiated happiness was blank and they suffered in silence. They cursed
their fate. Seven years passed still they were childless. In the meantime, they
tried all sorts of remedies to get out from the tag of childless couple.
Visiting doctors suggested by relatives and well-wishers,
bowing their head at the temples, alternative medicine and whatsoever people
suggested, they followed religiously. But no respite and I watched their
suffering from close angles.

One day, I mustered courage and discussed with them that why
they were spoiling their life instead of enjoying the bliss of life. They said
in unison that they found themselves aloof at social gatherings or neighbors
where the parents or the couples’ subject of discussion was their kids and they
don’t have anything to talk about, so they avoided people. That day I realized
how we take the kids for granted because we get them easily and then we pose
the choice of gender and the people who aren’t blessed just yearn for a child
and their hearts long to hear the cute cries of a child.

After eight years, Dolly missed her periods and the prega
test was positive. After going through lot of complications of lab tests and
mental trauma, the almighty had heard their prayers. Yet, she could not believe
her eyes showing the changes on prega test and rushed to her doctor. The doctor
confirmed the news and congratulated her heartily.
“Congratulations Dolly, you have conceived and you are
absolutely fine. God bless you” These words of her doctor was a music to her
ears, it was not music for her only, it was for all of us and it ringed in our
ears and with it, it brought back the happiness in the life of Dolly &
Deepak and her face radiated with happiness.

Deepak threw a party to celebrate the occasion and we all
enjoyed the bash. Dolly was blessed with a male child and gradually their life
limped back to normal and they were found at most of the social gatherings
enjoying the bliss of parenting and now they had innumerable stories to tell or
boast in public.

I was happy for them and thanked god profusely for gifting
the couple with the share of their happiness that they deserved.

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