Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year 2016

The journey of 2015 is over
Amidst celebrations & woos
We have stepped into the new year 2016
with a loud bang bang on our doors.

we pull out this year
with  more of happiness
more of smiles
doubling the joys forever.

Let’s take a resolution
To learn from the instances
which subtracted our happiness
not to repeat the mistakes
which minus our relationships.

Learn to Multiply the joys of life
Learn to divide the sorrows
Welcome people with open hearts
Forgive those who hurt you
give them a chance to survive
to learn the good virtues of life.

Keep your worries at bay
Cherish the good moments
Refresh the old ones
Keep up your courage to knock the odds out
Listen the needy
Outreach the people in misery
Share your concerns for the people in need
Care for the people ill.

Spread happiness by passing smiles
to the passerby
who touch your lives
Sieve out hatred from your life
Gather joys by the small tit-bits of life.

© Ila Varma 31/12/2015


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