Filled with fear
Eyes with tears
Lonely self was waiting
To meet someone dear.

She was in great pain
She could move or hold
The limbs cold & numb
The countless
Lab tests
Medicine strips
Files of prescription
Laid near.
Disease progressed
Disabling her completely
She needed help
To manage her minimum chore.
She sat Silently
Constricted in a small space
Wondering & pondering
Why always she was chosen
To suffer & grieve?
She knew to manage her mood
None could decipher
Her inner conflict
Which was always at loggerheads
With her mind & body
But she smiled through.

At times
Fear gripped her
She was shaken & stirred
Will she able to amble again?

Strong will & confidence
Were her jewels
To fight the battle
Of life
With great wisdom.

His strong hands
Supported her
With firmness
Aligning her
Encouraging her
To stand
Overcoming pain & fear.

The tasks weren’t easy
His patience & care
Worked on 
Bringing subtle changes.

The few words of appreciation
Acted as a balm on the tattered soul
He challenged & promised
To resolve my shortcomings.

“Don’t hesitate, I am there to help you”
These words 
were no less than music
It rang in my ears
To continue the strife
With life.

Soon I excelled
In limping back to normal
The persistent efforts

Resolved my disorder.

His words were sweet
And it’s tune
Rang in my ears
The sunshine was back in life.

© Ila Varma 21/12/2015

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