Monday, December 21, 2015

“Don’t hesitate, I am there to help you”

Filled with fear
Eyes with tears
Lonely self was waiting
To meet someone dear.

She was in great pain
She could move or hold
The limbs cold & numb
The countless
Lab tests
Medicine strips
Files of prescription
Laid near.

Disease progressed
Disabling her completely
She needed help
To manage her minimum chore.

She sat Silently
Constricted in a small space
Wondering & pondering
Why always she was chosen
To suffer & grieve?

She knew to manage her mood
None could decipher
Her inner conflict
Which was always at loggerheads
With her mind & body
But she smiled through.

At times
Fear gripped her
She was shaken & stirred
Will she able to amble again?

Strong will & confidence
Were her jewels
To fight the battle
Of life
With great wisdom.

His strong hands
Supported her
With firmness
Aligning her
Encouraging her
To stand
Overcoming pain & fear.

The tasks weren't easy
His patience & care
Worked on 
Bringing subtle changes.

The few words of appreciation
Acted as a balm on the tattered soul
He challenged & promised
To resolve my shortcomings.

“Don’t hesitate, I am there to help you”
These words 
were no less than music
It rang in my ears
To continue the strife
With life.

Soon I excelled
In limping back to normal
The persistent efforts
Resolved my disorder.

His words were sweet
And it's tune
Rang in my ears
The sunshine was back in life.

© Ila Varma 21/12/2015