12 ways to usher good vibes into a new home

Have you moved into a new flat on rent in Chennai? Are you worried about the positivity of the property? You must understand that entering a new house means a new beginning. No matter what kind of vibes the previous house owner or the renter executed in and around the property, you need to make sure that there are good vibes and positivity in there.

Ward away the old, negative vibes

Whenever I move into any new place or abode, I always make it a point to usher the good vibes and start fresh by bidding adieu to the old negative vibes if any. Try to usher in the happy, energetic and the positive vibes into your new abode. There are variable ways to bring in the good vibes into your new home. Let us get a brief on it.

What are the 12 methods?

  1. Do you know setting up certain types of plantations can bring in the good charm and enliven your living space with positivity? A money plant at the front door can be a good way to start. Include the lucky bamboo plant inside the house along with the rubber plant.


  1. Before you start setting up the furniture and the other household stuffs it is a better way to sit and plan out how you want to utilize each of the spaces in the rooms to usher in the positivity.


  1. Don’t miss out the use of the power of colors that can bring in positivity and negativity accordingly. If you want a joyful, energetic and positive environment, you must make sure to use bright and happy colors like yellow, blue, red, purple, shades of green. Bring in the vibrancy and the freshness in each and every corner of your property.


  1. You can play any kind of sacred music and tune and set the good vibes in the house. This is one thing that is used by the owners of houses or apartments to attract customers.


  1. If you want to feel the positive vibrations inside a house, it is essential to keep things organized and tidy.


  1. Light aromatic candles that are soothing and please your guests. The smell of jasmine, lavender and sandalwood are considered the most commonly used ones.


  1. Hanging Feng-Shui based decorative in the front door to ward away evil eyes and maintain the positive vibrations inside the house.


  1. Using of pyrite as a paper weight or on bookshelves can help to maintain the good vibes inside the house.


  1. Make sure that the doors and windows of your house are kept open to let fresh air inside and fill up the house with positive energy.


  1. Meditating inside the house can be an amazing way to usher in good vibes.


  1. Love the space you are dwelling in and positive energy will usher in automatically.


  1. Make sure that the external part of your house is also maintained well and cleansed regularly.


The above mentioned are some of the ways to usher in positive vibes into your new rental houses or flats.

Post Contributor: Shanaya Mehta, Bangalore.

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