Dance is an ancient practice, explored by different cultures throughout the ages. Dance is a rhythmic movement of the body in alliance with the mind and soul. It is a unique human activity connecting with the musical rhythms of life and the varied movements of our body relaxes the muscles of our body, rejuvenating our body and mind. I believe dancing is also a form of exercise, which keeps our body firm and supple and energizes our mind and adds joy to our life. It’s a great stress buster and gives an artistic & spiritual bend to our mind; it acts as refreshment to our soul. It keeps one alive and perky. In recent years, it has exploded in a new way of practice but definitely it has drawn its roots from ancient times, when dancers performed in temples, in festivals and social gatherings. Dancing makes us more “Alive” and raises our consciousness bar connecting with spiritualism and substantial increase in body stamina. I feel more alive and rejuvenated & relieved after my dance sessions and I feel the same feeling would be of other people who love dancing.  In dance, you know the feeling when you feel it, and therein lies the connection” among body, mind, and spirit. In my view, the people who follow artistic skills in life, they are more disciplined and in a way, it curbs the mind from going astray. I may sound philosophical but I believe that it’s true to a great extent.

The Dance Bible is a boon for the dance lovers, a platform which will help millions in shaping and sharpening their potentials and skills, which is lying dormant in many, in lack of proper guidance and care. The Dance Bible is a one stop online gateway for the dance lovers to get connected with the world, where the talented minds can showcase their talents to the people around the globe. Dancing industry is a shy industry and has not been much promoted on social platforms as it deserves to be. So, The Dance Bible has emerged into social networking channel to bring all the talented minds together under one roof to share the different aspects of dance. It is an online platform developed for dancers, choreographers, dance educators, dance parents and all dance enthusiasts worldwide.


The Students, The Dancers, The Mentors, The Dance Institutes all can extend their reach around the world on this website “The Dance” and can find unexposed talents & promote their skills. It is an open platform for all, no restrictions, no bar, anyone from any corner of the world can connect them, share in their experiences. The professionals can put up their activity on board.

The website has been developed keeping in mind the need of the people and are segregated into different important interfaces dealing in detail.
The styles of dance from contemporary  to modern styles, the anatomy of dance ; how to maintain the body supple and fit, following the proper diet and exercise regime .

The website interface has been developed keeping in mind the essentials and necessity of showcasing dance talents. The experienced and talented minds can share in their experiences in writing, upload snaps of their talent and skills. The audios of dance songs are available which can help the learners to dance to the tune. The choreographers can create their portfolios  and promote their schools of dance and can reach the corners of the world which remains untouched and many talented minds haven’t got an opportunity to show off their potential.


In today’s fast moving life, people don’t have time to chase physically, the institutes for them or for their children and now with a click, they can view the institutes and the mentors that are running the different dance schools and can even discriminate their potentialities with the details available online and the visitors review, which will help them to make proper choice.

The users of social platforms are increasing manifold and the platforms are scaling to new heights with each passing day and in this scenario, a website on the shy subject Dance will sure bring in tremendous change and outlook for this industry. The numbers has increased after live promotions on media but still it has to go a long way and I am sure that this website is going to help millions of people around the globe and it will be a huge success for all the people who are associated with the dance industry. Wishing Good Luck to the developers of “The Dance” for Huge Success in future endeavors.
Visit the website and face book page to get updated about it and get connected. It will satiate your queries in a beautiful manner and add color to your life with its different hues of dancing.

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