The evolution of smartphone started changing
the perspective of people post 2012, when several new features were introduced.
Smartphones were available in the market since a long time but there always was
a budget constraint which allowed only a bunch of people to use it. In past few
years, the advancement of technology has somehow brought too many competitors
in the market forcing the companies to produce smartphones with advance
features at lower rates.

As a result, everyone can enjoy the leverage of
a smartphone. It has not only helped people to connect easily with each other
through Whats app but also allowed the youth of the country to take part in
several activities and receive live updates to all kinds of news happening
across the globe. These days, the youth of this country is more exposed to a
lot of things – whether it’s a new policy introduced by the government or any
new technology which is about to come – they know it all.
These days most of the protest led for a social
cause is coordinated well only with the help of smartphones. Old people who
have been living alone for ages now have the chance of being connected with
their family members. The evolution of social media is a result of evolution of
Everyone is active on social media through
their smartphones. Posting updates regularly, getting notifications for all the
news moreover, and people can book anything and everything using their phones.
From checking their bank details to booking a cab – an Android smartphone is smart
enough to provide us a user-friendly platform which is understood by all class
of people.
The new version of smartphone has given birth
to Octacore processor which is two times better than the existing quadcore
processor. Octacore has eight processor cores while the previous quadcore had
four. By doubling the number of processors, smartphones have become way faster
and within a fraction of minute a person can retrieve all sorts of information
that he/she may require.
And that’s not it. Who would have thought there
could be a better thing after 3G internet connectivity? Again, to surprise the
people, developers came up with a new concept of 4G internet connection. The 4G
internet connection complimented with Octacore processor will make life simpler
for everyone. Obviously, 4G eats up a lot of data but it provides us the chance
of being faster than usual.
There are always two sides of every coin, pros
and cons are meant to exist. Critics have always made a point that excess use
of smartphones is taking away the essence of face to face conversation as the
youth of this country is more into their virtual world. It is true, but with
changing times, we all need to adapt things in the way they are. If the world
demands something today we need to support it. No one has forced any one to live
in a virtual world; it’s the people who are making the choices.

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