Motherhood is indeed a blessing
and the most rewarding job and it comes with the responsibility &
challenges to nurture a new life in the best possible ways and the Mothers
leave no stone unturned.
Nowadays, it is the shared responsibility of parents in nuclear family, and
both the partners share and care in rearing babies. 
When I was blessed with two kids,
my happiness knew no bounds and I followed the methods religiously to keep
their skin glowing and free from skin rashes.

                     “ 5 things that can be done to keep a baby’s soft skin safe.”

1.Oil Massage : Massaging the baby with baby oil,
free from chemicals and fragrances. Gentle stroking and massaging babies
relaxes them and induce them to better sleep. A sweet lullaby, baby talk and
eye contact with the baby is a wonderful way to interact with the baby.

2. Laundry tips: A gentle detergent should be used
for washing the clothes of baby, bedding’s, towels and all baby accessories.
Even new clothes should be washed before using to keep the baby safe from
infections. The skin of baby is very soft and to avoid skin rashes & keep
baby smiling, we need to adhere to this method.

3. Baby Bath:Regular bathing is not required
in case of new born, two- three days in a week and only mild soaps prescribed
for babies are used to retain their skin moisture and keep rash free & free
from skin allergies. Babies should be sponged till the umbilical cord is there.
The skin folds should be cleaned and dried properly.

4. Cotton Essentials:Cotton fabric is the best
fabric, good absorbent and suitable for all seasons and quite comfortable to
the baby skin. Sweaters should be worn over cotton clothes to keep the baby
skin free from rashes & irritation.

5. Do’s & Don’ts: The toys and all the
accessories used for the baby should be cleaned daily.

Nails should be cleaned
and cut properly at intervals.
Direct rays of the sun should be avoided and sunscreen lotion
prescribed for babies should be used on the exposed parts to avoid sun burns.

If baby has
red skin around the diaper area,it is diaper rash, which occurs because of skin irritation, the reason can be tight,wet diapers and not too absorbent. Change at right time, clean & moisten the area and apply zinc oxide cream, it helps in skin rashes. The Pampers Premium Care Pants are the best for the babies to keep their skin soft,supple and rash free….and Cuddly-Woogly Wow with Pampers.
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