Smile is the most priceless, precious possession & the best curve of our body which eases off tension. To exchange smiles you don’t need to know the language n still you can smile at each other and be friendly.
When one is in despair or in dismay, it’s not easy to smile. There are people in our life whose mere presence makes us smile. Just a glimpse of a child forces us to smile at his innocence.
When you are low and alone, visit the children’s park and watch their activities. You are bound to laugh or smile watching their mischiefs or naughty acts n you will recall the days when you did the same n it will leave you with a feeling how silly we were. You may find their mother’s fretting n fuming and at their wits end when they don’t listen, but watching their activities will certainly send you goose bumps. Even parent’s fake anger on their children to control their whims, but it gives them happiness in plenty. We are reminded of our times n we laugh at them thinking how innocent we were and unreflective of the consequences, which we become aware with the experiences n age advance. That’s the beauty of life.
A toddler smile leaves us smiling.
The love of our life makes us smile, it can be anyone. Mostly with the love of life, love of the opposite sex is associated and it holds true in most of the cases, but still the love in any form or with anyone whom you love keeps you happy. It’s not necessary that the person stays with you, it can be a long distance relationship, but the mere thought of him or her sends smiles to your lips n u feel happy from within. In the most trying times, just a phone call, a mail (replaced by hand written letters) or a mere presence gives you loads of happiness.
In my life, even in the roughest times, which I often meet with, my family members near me makes me smile,  joy bursts in the company of innocent children and the blooming buds in the garden gives me immense satisfaction in life and keeps me smiling in spite of all odds and I keep smiling burying the odds inside.

© Ila Varma 2015

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This is written for the post Indispire ,Edition 86

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